Knitting needles on a beautiful hat with kosapi photo and video MK

Knitting needles on a beautiful hat with kosapi photo and video MK


Knitted hats spokes - the most popular topic forhandy people. Hot model with a favorite color and pattern, ideal for the fashionable image. Always popular hat with braids, which is suitable for girls or women, and for women of any age.
Most importantly, the spit - the universal patternspokes, which successfully combined with the male wardrobe. To get a warm welcoming thing good videos, workshop, or find a description of knitting technology. If the pattern
for the first time, we offer a master class on the correct implementation of this figure.

Knit "scythe"

For the development of this pattern spokes should be reserved additional tool. To pattern "spit" or "harness" look carefully, you can purchase a special needle.

With it will significantly reducetime and get a nice pattern. Another nuance - additional needle take one number less than the basic. If this is not possible, it is not necessary to be upset. Common pin will help to cope with braids even beginning knitters. Especially when you have decided to tie the hat rather narrow braids. Excellent results will provide:

  • knowledge of the basic types of loops and their correctperformance. To learn the skills necessary to braid provyazyvaniya crossed loops. If there is no suitable video or master class, you can simply use the magazine and find a description of this method;
  • correct calculation of density knitting braids. We must remember that braids tightening the finished canvas. Therefore, you must take this into account in the calculation. Well take advantage of training videos on the method of calculating the density of knitting, or find the appropriate master class;
  • needles braids knit in two directions. Depending on the desired direction, change the position of special needles. It will be located behind or in front of a pattern.

There are many types of braids. They are:

  • simple;
  • double;
  • triple;
  • decorative.

Each of them has its own advantages. For a girl to relate well cap is not too voluminous. But women's knit spokes model would be very spectacular with decorative braids or triple. The original solution is knitting hats with a gradient. So we call a smooth transition of knitted fabric from one color to another color.

On the pattern of each type there are detaileddescription. Experienced masters spread their own video or a master class to help beginners learn the basics of knitting and popular patterns. Getting knit.
Examples of schemes for knitting braids and plaits

Video: Cap of the Argentine wool braid pattern

Simple master class on knitting hats with braids

The first step is the removal of the main measurements - head circumference. Given that little bit pattern pulls fabric, add a couple of centimeters to the result.
Calculation of the loops do the usual method.
Gaining loops on needles and knit gum.

Knit the required length, move on to the pattern. Divide the loop on the face (to spit) and purl (to separate). Continue to knit a length which is necessary for the height of the hat.

The next step - do subtraction. In order not to break the pattern, you need to turn down the purl loop. In this case, our "spit" will converge.

When the spokes will be no more than 10-12 loopsthey need to be blown down. It now remains to make and sew pompom. If the production of this element is the difficulty - see the corresponding video or a master class.

Video: Cap with braid pattern

Knit a beautiful hat with braids video lesson

The sequence of operation will be the same. Read the measurements - head circumference and length of the product. To take knitting
and yarn of appropriate thickness.

Knit the selected sample design and calculation is carried outknitting density. Gaining the required number of loops with needles and knit circle eraser. Knit the required length, move on to the pattern. Knit according to the scheme or take the description, wherein said one fragment (rapport).
The first subtraction do loops on the underside,when the knitted cap is almost the desired height. Then continue to diminish face, and in the last row must knit at all the two loops. The remaining loops on the spokes pull together and fix the thread on the wrong side.
Women's hats also make out the pompoms. Originally looks an element of fur.
The next workshop will be devoted to knitting hats for the girls. To knitted cap got beautiful terrain, add pearl stud to the selected type of braid.
Knit round model for women, using needles on the line or flagellum.

Please carry out measurement of the head circumference and calculation of the required density of knitting.
After moving to provyazyvaniya gum pattern. Calculate the number of braids, which are placed on the canvas and spend adjustment. If you need - add or reduce the number of loops (best to add).
Knit caps required height and beginsubtraction in the classic version. For additional baby can associate a lower cap which is sutured below. This is done after a complete closing of loops on top. The lower cap perform viscous front, then sew to the base and decorate the product with braids fluffy pompom.
Very useful video for beginners will help in knitting caps pattern "spit".

Knitting hats for a photo with the description MC