Crocheted dwarf crochet with patterns and descriptions. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Crocheted dwarf crochet with patterns and descriptions. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Small creatures with a beard do not leaveindifferent not only small children, but also moms. They take up the hook and thread, look for suitable descriptions and master classes, or come up with authorial characters. A knitted dwarf is especially popular for Christmas. Little bearded creatures in red caps look like Santa Claus. All their appearance gnomes suggest that you must always believe in miracles. Crocheted, knitted or sewn from felt, dwarfs made of wool - they all look cute and funny.

Who are the gnomes?

So that your artwork turned out beautiful, with a soul andmood, you should learn a little more about fairy-tale characters. Traditional New Year decoration of the interior came to us from Norway. Under the New Year, you can find a gnome in every souvenir shop. Gnomes appear on Christmas trees, on shelves above the fireplace, next to the Christmas candles. Many gnomes under the New Year are not here. According to Norwegian beliefs, fairy-tale characters live everywhere. They help people with household chores. At us such helpers are called as housekeepers. At Christmas, it is customary to put porridge with a plate in the yard, so that the New Year gnome can regale. In Norway it is believed that if he does not treat porridge, then he will not bring the children gifts. Knit cute dwarf crochet

What you need to tie a dwarf crochet

A knitted dwarf can look absolutely different. The description of the work depends on the flight of the fancy needlewoman. But no matter how original the character was, he must have:

  • Beard, which is of different lengths.
  • Cap. Usually at the New Year's gnome it is red outside and gray inside. It was believed that it is necessary to put the cap on the gray side outward, the dwarf immediately became invisible.

And then it's up to your imagination. Some needlewomen take these attributes as a basis. So it turns out a very simple and cute dwarf. The whole craft consists of a crocheted cap, beard and nose. Knit cute dwarf crochetFor work you only need:

  • a little yarn of red, white, pink, black;
  • a hook that corresponds to the thread density;
  • sintepon as filler;
  • some cardboard for the base.

The description of the work is very simple.

  • Black thread binds the body of a gnome.
  • Then we take the cap. We try to crochet with such a density, so that the cap keeps the shape.
  • We knit a round nose from a pink thread.
  • And with the help of white acrylic and elongated loops we make "gray" hair along the bottom edge of the cap, which will also be the beard of our New Year's gnomes.
  • After the nozzle is sewn, and the body is filled with sintepon, do not forget to insert the cardboard base. So our dwarf can stand confidently under the Christmas tree.
  • Knit cute dwarf crochetIf you want to hang a crocheted toy onNew Year tree, make a noose at the top of the headdress. The dwarf will be even more original, if we separately connect for him long legs in striped panties or golf. For this, two striped tubes are knit, alternating between a white and a red thread. And at the end of the black boots are tied. The legs are sewn to the trunk. According to this description, you can impose a lot of gnomes and decorate them with the whole tree. Your crocheted gnomes do not need to be red and white. A blue, yellow green color will do. The main thing is that the cap is high, and the beard is fluffy. The size of the toy can also be completely different. Small dwarfs are convenient to hang on spruce or decorate them with an interior. A large dwarf can act as a gift keeper and can be placed under a tree or on a fireplace. The toy will be a wonderful gift for the New Year or Christmas. Having the easiest crochet skills, you easily compose a scheme and description for the production of your character. Knit cute dwarf crochet

    We knit a strawberry gnome hook

    Very popular is the hand-craftstrawberry gnome. It is not as difficult to perform as it has many different details. Separately we knit a head, handles, ears of a gnome, fruits and flowers of a strawberry, green leaves and, of course, a cap. For the assembly you will need a wicker basket in which the character should fit. The dwarf cute peeps out of the basket as if he were eating and having eaten all the strawberries. If you have any threads left after knitting sweaters, hats and scarves, combine them and tie a cute souvenir and do not forget to feed the gnome with porridge. You want to find gifts under the tree.