Knitted flowers: master-class with photos and schemes of woolly patterns

Knitted flowers: master-class with photos and schemes of woolly patterns


At any time, people rejoice and admireA kind of bouquet of flowers, and it does not matter where these flowers are located - in pots, vases, on hair or on clothes. Craftsmen - knitters also do not cease to surprise us and come up with new and new schemes for creating various plants of yarn and yarn.

Flower with knitting needles in the form of decor

Each master in the house has a lot of leftoversYarn, which is quite difficult to find use. Knitting flowers with knitting needles will solve this problem. Thanks to the knitting of flower compositions, each needlewoman can not only get rid of the remains of strings, but also to connect the original and original decoration for her home.

A beautiful bouquet, made by own hands,Can be a nice surprise for a birthday or 8 March. A flower with knitting needles will be a perfect addition to any clothing, whether it's a knitted sweater or a blouse bought in the store. A cover on the phone, a favorite jacket, a hair band or even an original brooch - these items will be exclusive if you decorate cute florets specially for their decor. The video perfectly shows how quickly and simply created floral masterpieces.
Video: How to tie a flower for decoration

Examples of knitting flowers

Knitting colors is simple, but at the same timeQuite a fascinating process. Any skilled worker, even one of the beginners, will be able to master the technique of making flowers with the help of yarn and spokes. Colors for beginners.
As a rule, the process of knitting does not take muchTime for novice needlewomen, and the admiring glances of others will be a worthy reward for her labors. In order to tie a flower you will need: knitting needles, yarn or yarn remnants, a quality scheme or MK with a step-by-step description, as well as a little skill and patience of the beginning master.
Stages of the process:

  • To begin with, the master must decide on the size of the future decoration and the number of flower petals, because the amount of typed loops directly depends on this;
  • For example, typing on the spokes 65 pet. And we knit 12 crochet-in stocking;
  • In the 13th row (P), each 9 loop should be counted and discarded from the spoke. Do not be afraid of the fact that the connected canvas on the site of the loosened loops will begin to unfold, because we have achieved this;
  • In 14 P all formed broaches should be lifted by means of one face loop, the rest of the canvas continues to be knit with the front surface;
  • In 15 Р we collect all loops on a string and tighten them in a circle. Our flower with knitting needles is in principle ready, but for a more aesthetic appearance it is better to tie in the middle of the flower;
  • For the middle of our flower we will tie the cord with spokes, which must be tightly twisted into a circle and sewed into the middle of the flower. The finished flower was just a class!

Such flowers can be knit not only with the facial smoothness, but also using any pattern you like. Also, the canvas can be knit and on 4 stocking knitting needles. This process of knitting is very clearly visible in the video below.
Video: Flower on knitting needles

rose flower

There are a lot of knitted roses, we will analyze the technology of knitting such an ornament. Knitting such a rose is simple, so the scheme will not be required:

  • To begin with, the master must dial 70 loops on the spokes and bind 8 P-in garter stitch;
  • On each side you need to close 10 loops, these actions need to be repeated 2 to 3 times. Close all the hinges completely;
  • If you have a knitted strip with a wide center and narrower edges, then this is just a class;
  • Then start forming from a knitted striprosebud. To do this, turn the strip so that the set edge is on top, and start smoothly twisting the canvas. Each new turn needs to be caught with a thread, continue to form a rosebud until the entire strip is twisted.

Flowers with spokes look more natural if theirTo add with knitted leaves. A special scheme for knitting leaves does not exist, but to create natural leaves it is recommended to use knits for knitting. On the spokes, dial 7 loops, including the edge. In each facial row, it is necessary to make 1 cape on either side of the central loop. Repeat the increase 3 more times. We sew the new ones without additional loops;

To make the leaf become more natural you need to doDecreasing. To do this, on each side in the facial ranks do a reduction in the edges. Soon, only 3 loops will remain on the knitting needles, which must be knit together. Cut the thread and sew the resulting sheet to the rose. The product is ready.

Schemes for knitting flower motifs

In addition to voluminous colors, any knitter canCreate a product with a floral composition, using a beautiful fishnet pattern. There is a great variety of floral patterns, thanks to which any sweater or sweater will become real masterpieces. Usually,
Not difficult, the main thing is not to get confused in the scheme and do not forget about the capes. Flower compositions, knitted with needles, can become an excellent decoration for home and clothing.

Video: Three-dimensional flowers with knitting needles