Knitted slippers on two needles with a description and video tutorials

Knitted slippers on two needles with a description and video tutorials


There are many schemes which can beassociate warm slippers using just two needles. However, we will talk today about the two easiest methods are ideal for novice masters.

A simple way of knitting slippers on two spokes

The first method of knitting two needles rathersimple. Having got acquainted with its description, you will find that even a beginner can easily mistress of his master in the shortest time. So, in order to make the slippers on two needles you will need:

  • hosiery needles number 4;
  • centimeter;
  • Yarn - 150 g;
  • pin.

With this method, you can tieplain home sneaker size 37. That is on the foot, the length of which is 22,5sm. Since this is a simple model of sneakers especially for novice masters knit her stocking st, we will. This method of knitting needles the two is quite simple so even novice needlewoman can quickly tie his sneaker comfortable house.

During the work, we will use some cuts, so we recommend that you read them in advance:

  • number - p .;
  • loop - n .;
  • nakida - n .;
  • purl - PHI .;
  • facial - persons.

Getting to the creation of sneakers:

  • first recruit 40 p., then knit 8 p .;
  • We share the fabric pin into two equal parts;
  • knit the first loop, we perform nakida, dovyazyvaem up the middle and add another loop with nakida. Knit on the scheme and before the last item. Do even 1 N .;
  • without changing the circuit provyazyvaem steel p .. But do not forget to add in each ryadochke .: 3 sts along the edges and in the middle;
  • when the number of loops will be exactly 66 pieces. we stop provyazyvat additional p .;
  • knit by the scheme has 6 p .;
  • Further provyazyvaem 4 rows closing in on each 1P .;
  • forming an additional 10 p .;
  • close the remaining n .;
  • fabric folds neatly and connect n., so that the seam directly under the back foot.

Comfortable slippers, connected on two needles ready!
Video: Home Shoes spoked

The second method of knitting slippers on two spokes

The second method, which we now want youtell also have the liking novice needle women. With this simple method, you can master the production of slippers size 37 in two spokes.

To make a simple sneaker for women on two needles in the home you will need:

  • woolen yarn - 100g;
  • Needles number 4;
  • narrow satin ribbon - 2.5 m;
  • 2 pins.

Let's start with slippers with two needles:

  • Dial 89 n and divide them into 2 parts with a pin, so that at first it was exactly 45 loops.;
  • using a simple pattern "spit" knit 11 p .;
  • in each subsequent PHI. R. add to and after the mark, and at the loop to 1 p .;
  • increasing the number of loops to remove the 109 mark and still provyazyvaem 3p .;
  • again set a mark: one 51 n, and the second at 58,.
  • We continue to work without changing the circuit, but before the first pin provyazyvaem 3 loops together;
  • 2 more in each district. re provyazyvaem paragraph 8 times.;
  • at this stage of the spokes you should stay exactly 81 loop;
  • convinced of the correctness of their actions,knit by the scheme still p 1, and next make openings:... 1 persons, PHI 2, 2 facial provyazyvaem together and do another one wrong. Repeat this pattern until the end of the series;
  • We carry out another 1 ryadochek scheme and closing etc .;
  • and combine the resulting fabric is passed into the left openings for this purpose on the sneaker ribbon.

Video: Slippers for needles home

Knitted model slippers without a seam on the heel

Many needlewoman prefer instead of the usualsneakers to wear more comfortable and warm knitted slippers without seams. Woven they are quite easy with all of the same two spokes, so make them the strength to even novice needle women. To create a knitted slippers without needles seams you will need:

  • needles №3;
  • half-woolen or wool yarn - 2 Hank 100 g

Let's start small master class detailing the phased creation of slippers without seams:

  • Dial 13 n. and knit garter 8 p .;
  • 9 p. add p .: bead, garter stitch - 5 p, n, front, district, garter stitch - 5 n bead and again...;.
  • Further in all PHI. ryadochkah knitted loops on the scheme, and n. run crossed PHI. P.;
  • in all ranks of the facial also made n .;

  • knit under the scheme should be as long as the spokes are not bude exactly 39 p .;
  • then it is necessary to isolate 9 n the middle and make the toe: 15 n, then 9 and 10 n provyazyvaem together;...
  • We turn over the work;
  • n perform 8 and 9 and 10 together again.;
  • We continue to knit the same pattern as we will not have to claim 9 in the middle.;
  • the left and right sides of the toe edge recruit 18;
  • dialed loop must be distributed: bead, garter stitch - 5 p, PHI, "harness" 4 sts, purl, the front surface of -... 21 n .. Then make another wrong, "harness" -. 4 n Wrong again, garter stitch - 5P . and bead;

  • in each successive 4 p. n displace in the "tow.";
  • purl rows are knitted by the scheme;
  • eventually all should have 36-40 p .;
  • heel fit in the same way that the toe;
  • at the end of closed loops.

If desired, further slippers can be decorated with flowers, ribbons and pompoms.
To learn how to knit slippers on two needles withoutseams, you can also view a short video, which describes in detail the whole process of creating this variety slippers. This model of slippers fit in very easily and quickly with just two spokes, so it is suitable even for beginners handy people. Watch this video, you can make the comfortable slippers in one evening!

Video: Learn to knit slippers, beautiful