Knitted handmade overalls for small dogs will warm your pet in bad weather.

Knitted handmade overalls for small dogs will warm your pet in bad weather.

Handmade knitted overalls for small childrendogs - a universal form of clothing. It is perfect for indoor dog breeds that are small in size. Animals feel comfortable in the home climate and freeze even with a slight drop in temperature during walks. To tie clothes is simple enough and any mistress who knows how to use knitting needles can cope with it. If you have a small four-legged pet in your house - a small room dog, then the material in this article is sure to come in handy. The fact is that even indoor dogs require outdoor walks in all weathers. But, as a rule, they are very susceptible to changes in air temperature. The slightest drop in temperature can lead to the fact that the pet will freeze. To walk for such animals have become desirable and comfortable, they need to create all the conditions, namely to purchase a wardrobe, different clothes. Of course, today you can buy almost any element of clothing for animals in specialized stores. Their choice is impressive, and the price for such things is quite high. If you want your pet to be warm, remained beautiful and, at the same time, save, then knitted handmade overalls for small dogs - this is exactly what you need. The manufacturing process will take a little time and minimal knitting skills. If you have a dog in the house Yorkshire Terrier, then the overalls, which you see in the photo below, will suit her as well as possible. Gray knitted overalls with patterns in the form of diamonds and braids with embroidered red thread application in the form of flowers, not only warms the animal, but also creates the most comfortable conditions for movement. Moreover, this element of clothing is very interesting and beautiful. The overall should be knit from woolen threads. Start the work with the product gate. Once the gate is connected, go to the following parts: the upper part (back) and the bottom part (tummy). Each of them is knitted separately, and then sew on both sides. The final touch will be knitting sleeves and panties. To make it easy to work, below you will see a pattern of overalls, knitted from thread of wool. Handmade knitted overalls for little dogs. Photo №1 To create a knitted overalls handmade for small dogs, we will need:

  • yarn gray woolen - 300 m / 100 g;
  • yarn woolen white and woolen red - ten grams of both shades;
  • needles, preferably number 2.5.

Before knitting the product, the pet will need to remove all the measurements correctly. In this case we have the following measurements:

  • length of backrest - 28 centimeters;
  • neck (girth) - 21 centimeters;
  • girth of the feet, front, - 11 centimeters;
  • girth of the hind legs - 15 centimeters;
  • chest, girth, - 35 centimeters.

In the photo you can see the process of taking measurements. It's absolutely not difficult. Handmade knitted overalls for little dogs. Photo # 2 Pattern and description of the process of knitting of overallsThe pattern of knitted overalls is not at all complicated. In this you can see by reading the picture below. It is on it that we will tie our clothes for our pet. Beginning knitting, as we said earlier, will be with the gate. Handmade knitted overalls for little dogs. Picture №3 Handmade knitted overalls for little dogs. Photo №4 Collar In this version of the overalls of the gatewill have a sufficiently long length to be able to turn it off. We need to type on the spokes seventy loops of gray thread and tie them four rows. Knit need rubber 1: 1. Then we knit with the same pattern the same number of rows with a red thread and exactly the same white thread. Then we again knit with a gray thread all the same elastic. We need to tie nine centimeters. Now we knit the following two details - the upper part of the product (back) and the lower part of the product (tummy). Having drilled nine centimeters of elastic band, we will need to divide all the loops into two parts. To tie the bottom of the overalls, we need twenty four loops, and for the top part (back) - forty-six loops. To the length of the pieces was the same, you need to knit them at the same time, but only the knitting crochet should be different. That is, we knit the details using two coils of thread. The back is knitted in this way. We add six loops in the first row. Adding loops are made evenly. We knit in accordance with the scheme: the first (edge) loop is removed, we make a cape, we sew eleven loops, the pattern is 1: 1, twenty-eight loops are knitted with a pattern, the scheme of which you will see a little lower, again eleven loops of elastic band, cap and loop loop. In the second row we will loop the napkin with crossed stitches and necessarily insert them into the rubber bands. We will continue to continue to knit the canvas according to the scheme of the drawing, it is necessary in each second row to add one loop near the edge loops (in the row we will have two loops each). Add loops and insert them all the time in the rubber. Continue knitting in this way to the armhole. In order to untie the lower part of the product (tummy), we add fifteen loops in the first row, we will make napkins through every one or two loops. The second row is bred with a rubber band 1: 1, not forgetting to add a single loop near the edge. We add, also, one eyelet near the first in the row and the last loops in each next second ryadochke. On one row is obtained an increase of two eyelets. We add all the loops to the main pattern, the rubber bands. In a similar way we sew before the formation of the armhole. We knit an armhole In the twelfth row, at the beginning and at the end of the details of the abdomen and back, we close three loops. We make eleven rows, then at the beginning and end of the row of the back and tummy we collect three air loops. Again we knit the detail of the tummy in a straight line. After the fourteen centimeters of the canvas are bound from the gate, we will close all the loops. We will also knit the back part in a straight line. After nineteen centimeters from the gate are bound, we will do the reduction along the edges. For this we need to tie two eyelets together in every second row of the part. Twenty-three centimeters from the gate of the loop we knit with a rubber pattern 1: 1. In another half centimeter, we'll close all the loops. We knit sleeves and panties In such an item, as a handmade knitted crochet for small dogs, without sleeves and panties, one can not do without it. We will knit them all separately. For sleeves, we need to draw on knitting needles from gray yarn thirty loops and tie a pattern of rubber band 2: 2 three rows, then knit with as many red threads and as many white. Continue to knit similarly to the previous series only with gray threads. In each third row, you need to add one eyelet from both sides, necessarily including them in the main pattern. After four centimeters we will close all the loops. Similarly, we will knit and panties, with the exception of one difference - on the needles we will type forty-two loops, and add the loops in the sixth and twelfth rows. After we will fasten five and a half centimeters, we will close all the loops. All the details are almost ready for us. It remains to collect (sew) them into a complete product - overalls. Assembling a knitted overall for dogs Before we begin to assemble a coveralls, we will need to make the decor of the backrest detail. To do this, we need to embroider flowers in the center of the rhombuses formed during knitting. For embroidery we will take the red and white thread. Sew together the details of the back and abdomen to the armhole. Now we make cuffs and sew their sides. After that, we sew the sides of the tummy and the back. Handmade knitted overalls for little dogs. Photo №5 Now, on the same knitting needles we used to knitthe main parts of the product, we need to collect fifty-one loops, and tie a half centimeter with a rubber band 1: 1. Then we close the eyelets. We got a small strip. We knit one more, similar to the previous one. The resulting parts we sew to the side parts of the back, with it, you do not need to reach the bottom of it by five and a half centimeters. As a result, we have to sew one end of the strip at the bottom of the bottom of the overalls (tummy), and the second - at the bottom of the upper part of the overalls (back). We have got armholes for the so-called panties, in which we will sew up previously connected details of future trousers. Before sewing them, you have to sew them on the side. That's all. Knitted overalls handmade for little dogs, we are ready. Now your four-legged friend will always be warm. He will not be afraid of the cool weather. He will feel comfortable while walking.