Knitted skirts according to the scheme: examples of patterns and video lessons

Knitted skirts according to the scheme: examples of patterns and video lessons


Women knit knitted skirts already manyDecades, but still in our harsh climate this garment does not cease to be relevant. With the help of yarn and spokes, you can tie in a lot of wonderful, fashionable skirts, available even for beginners. A common misconception that a knitted skirt is warm clothes for grandmothers is time to forget.

Model Selection

There are several basic models of skirts that can be knit with spokes:

  • Straight fitting skirt;
  • Flared skirt (pleated or with a frill);
  • Avant-garde skirts.

The difference between the models lies in the degree of clingingFigure and texture of the canvas, the presence of asymmetry and so on. Even the simplest knitting pattern of a skirt can be the basis for a spectacular thing, if, for example, it is tied in the jacquard technique or decorated with harnesses. The length of the skirt varies as desired.
The description of the last kind of skirts in this review isWe will not deal specifically with it. Since the very word "avant-garde" does not involve knitting a large number of identical women's skirts on the basis of a typical scheme. Usually avant-garde skirts knit in a single copy and are the product of fantasy, the creative impulse of women. To connect the avant-garde thing with knitting needles, the masters use unusual materials, non-standard techniques and their combinations.

Knit a skirt with a jacquard pattern

Before you start knitting, be sure toCalculate the yarn consumption and density of knitting by tying a small sample from the acquired yarn and on the same spokes on which you plan to work. Remove the measurements from the shape for which the skirt is intended. You need the following options:

  • length of the product;
  • Girth of the waist;
  • hip girth.

Depending on the model, in addition to yarn and knitting needles, you may need additional knitting needles for knitting gums, harnesses and jacquard patterns, pins, needles or a crochet hook.

This model for beginner craftsmen, will suitPractically to all. The least risky is the length to the middle of the knee. Young slim girls can afford a mini version. Women textured should give preference to more dense yarn and slender colors. A straight skirt with knitting needles can be connected in four ways:

  • on
  • On five spokes in a circle;
  • On two spokes, consisting of two parts and sewn on the sides;
  • On two spokes, consisting of one part (you need to type the number of loops corresponding to the length of the product and at the end of the work to make one seam).

For a short straight skirt 44-46 sizeApproximately 200 grams of yarn will be required. Number of loops - 140 - 160 (if you plan to knit in a circle). To start working it is better to use knitting needles No. 4. Spray a 10 cm rubber band with a 1: 1 black yarn. Then change the knitting needles to No. 5 and knit the main fabric of the skirt with a stocking knit to the desired length. The skirt of the skirt may be monophonic or knitted from a yarn of two or more colors. Samples of simple jacquard patterns with descriptions and diagrams can be viewed here. To complete the knitting you need to tie a 1: 1 elastic band from the yarn (10-14 rows). Gently close the hinges.
Schemes of jacquard patterns for a skirt

Video: Knitting Pencil Skirt

Knitted pleated skirt

Such a model looks particularly impressive atGirls. Although an elongated version can be suitable for adult women. To do the work you need circular knitting needles and at least two colors. Decorability of the model can give a simple reception of the selection of each part of the skirt by color. Begin knitting from the waist. It becomes monophonic or bicolour. The belt can be made with a simple rubber band 1: 1 or in the form of a hollow elastic band. In the first case, after the end of knitting, you can make a thin decorative lace with brushes. In the second, you can get by with a buy elastic band.
The coquette is tied in one-color and without addingLoops hosiery viscous. This element, if desired, can be decorated with a relief pattern, placing the elements symmetrically on the front of the skirt. For example, using the following or similar schemes.

Complete knitting of the yoke, change the thread color andComplete 1 to 3 narrow strips. The mating is knitted by the simple addition of loops. Before beginning the knitting of the element, you need to make sure that the number of loops in the circle is a multiple of 5 (folds are narrow), 7 (medium) or 9 (wide). If necessary, add loops by tying an additional circle. Spray the first circle of the frill according to the scheme "4 facial * 1 purl" and then add the purl loops in any convenient way.
The length of each element varies according toFrom the age of the girl and your desire. So, for example, for a girl 1,5-2 years, the belt is 2-3 cm in length, the coquette is not less than 7 cm, the frill is 4 cm.
Using these techniques, even masters who know the art of knitting at an embryonic level, will be able to tie up an excellent outfit for themselves and for their loved ones.

Video: Skirt with a beautiful pattern