Knitted skirt. The work of Natalia

Knitted skirt. The work of Natalia

Autumn skirt of hexagonal motifs. Connected as described with. I used a different motif pattern. The number of motives was adjusted according to the figure in order to be complete. As a result, I got 140 motifs, 48 ​​of them are tied with white yarn, the other 92 are lilac. Yarn consumption: less than 100 g of white yarn, about 150 g of lilac. I used yarn "Brilliant" (wool / acrylic-50/50) and hook No. 3. Motifs connected among themselves in the process of knitting the last row. For the belt, I tied the article along the top edge, alternating the columns without the crochet, the columns with the crochet, and the columns with the two crochets so as to "fill" the corners between the motifs. Thus, the upper edge of the skirt turned out to be even. The last row is made so: a column with a crochet, 2 air loops, etc. In this row is inserted a lace for fixation on the waist. The scheme of the motive and the layout of the motives are attached. I wish all successful creativity !!!

Knitting patterns and skirt assembling:

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