Knitted slippers on felt soles: photos and technique of work

Knitted slippers on felt soles: photos and technique of work


Knits are amazing with their variety. In addition to fashionable and very original models, small things for household use are very popular. How nice to wear soft warm knitted slippers that are made by yourself.
Color, design, shape - everything can be picked up byYour taste and possibilities. Very easily and quickly it will be possible to tie the slippers with the knitting needles on the felt sole. There are several ways that needlewomen willingly use. Some of them can be used even by those who first took their knitting needles. For work it is necessary to prepare some materials. Fittings to buy in the store. It can be buttons, buckles, clasps and anything that seems unusual to you.

Photo master-class with a description of the progress of work

When knitting you will need:

  • yarn;
  • Spokes;
  • Felt sole or insole (better by size larger);
  • hook;
  • Dense thread;
  • Thick needle.

Another important addition for beginners will be a video or master-class with step-by-step photos.
To slippers were soft, warm and pleasantFor the legs, you need to choose the appropriate yarn. Well, if it is pure wool or with the addition of acrylic. The thickness and color of the thread is chosen at will. Fine yarn can be used in two additions. Then the sneakers will be warmer. The craftsmen often make small knitted things from the remains of yarn, also dismiss outmoded or old models.

Needles are selected according to the thickness of the thread. The diameter can be taken a little more, then the knitting will turn out to be bigger.
To tie slippers on felt soles,Of course, you need to prepare the very sole. Suitable felt insole or a piece of felt, cut himself. Before starting work we choose the method of making sneakers. Can:

  • Tie the bottom of the crochet, piercing the felt. In this case, along the entire perimeter of the insole, one row of columns must be laid, stitching the hook into the sole. Then the knitting loops are picked up with knitting needles and knitting continues;
  • Sew a strong thread with a suture seam. With such a seam a chain of threads is also formed. Therefore, the first row will not be difficult to dial;
  • Knit the detail of the slippers separately and then sew to the felt sole. This is the simplest way.

Option one You need to prepare the sole according to the size of your foot. Immediately take a thread that is designed for knitting with knitting needles. But, the first row is crocheted.

Strapping is done so that the punctures are spread overEqual distance. This will ensure a neat look of slippers. If this method has to be used for the first time, then video for beginners will help very quickly to cope with this. Then insert the spoke into each loop of the obtained chain and stretch the loop, So dial the first row. Then they continue knitting with the chosen pattern, but three central loops are tied together on the slippers. This must be done in each row. At the same time, make sure that the middle loop does not move, forming an even, neat chain. After tying to the desired height, the hinges are closed. If the knitted slippers are a little wide, you can put the braid on the top edge and decorate in front of the bow.

Option two Option 2. This method requires a thick needle with a large eye and a strong thread. The sole on the entire perimeter will have to be gently sewed with a suture seam. The distance between the needle punctures and the stitch height should be the same, otherwise the work will look sloppy. Very helpful video viewing with training material on sewing. Then, loops are made from the pigtail with knitting needles and continue to be knit identical to the first variant.
The third option slippers Option 3. The easiest way to quickly tie slippers even without the experience of working with knitting needles. In this case, the number of loops that will provide the desired height is gained. It is better to calculate the number of loops for a set. Continue to knit the canvas in the form of a scarf with an ordinary dressing or hosiery.

If you want to make knitted slippers in a giftOption, then experiment with the choice of drawing. The length of the "scarf" is 30 cm for 36 sizes. The hinges are closed in one row and sewed to the sole of the fabric. In doing so, you should try not to make creases or folds.

The seam is laid, having deviated from the edge of the sole 0.7 cm. This will increase the life of the slipper. On the toe we make a small overlap.

You can decorate slippers in any acceptable way. A master class on making jewelry with your own hands will prompt the most suitable choice.

Video: Knitting slippers on knits

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