Knitted needles dolls: a master class with a detailed description

Knitted needles dolls: a master class with a detailed description


Recently, the special popularity and demandBegan to enjoy unusual knitted dolls. They are used not only as a gift for girls, but also in the form of an original stylish decoration of a home interior.
Today's master class will be devoted to the topicKnitting such cute and cute dolls. We hope that together with us you will be able to tie a beautiful smart doll! No doll bought in a store can compare to a doll with its own hands. After all, a hand-woven doll, unlike a toy made at a factory, is unique. The second is not! In this training master class, we will tell you how to tie a doll with a spoke.

Knitting process for dolls

In order to personally make a wonderful doll, whose growth is 25 cm you will need:

  • Spokes;
  • Baby yarn;
  • hook;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • Synthesis for packing.

In this master class, the following abbreviations will be used:

  • loop - n .;
  • number - p .;
  • Facial - of persons., LP;
  • Purl - new, IZ;
  • Facial smoothness - LH;
  • "*" - we repeat the actions from the first * to the second *.

We begin the step-by-step master class on knitting. We suggest you start knitting the pupae with the formation of the right leg. The foot base will be knitted with gray threads. To make the foot on the spokes, gain 7 pts. The last stitch is selected with a thread of a different color. After that, dial 10 more p.
The first river. Perform the rel. Series number 2: LP, increase from the broach, 34 loops. R. № 3-10 are knitted with gray yarn. Rowels No. 11, 12 are tied with white yarn. At 13 r. You can begin to form a shoe for the pupa: faces. - 12 pcs., * 2 LPs together * - 9 times, facial - 4 pcs. - 25 item No. 14 consists of an IP. № 15: persons. - 11 pcs., * 2 persons. Together * - 5 times, 4 persons. From 16 to 33 r. We continue knitting LG.
At the next stage of the master class, we proceed toThe creation of the trunk and head of a knitted doll. They knit one sheet. We connect the previously connected legs of the pupa. If you want her to have panties then you need to change the color of the yarn. In the photo, the dolls have blue panties. Panties knit with four knitting needles. At the beginning of the work, there are 10 LPs per each spoke. From 16 to 25 r. The cloth is knitted LH. Finished legs for a knitted chrysalis must be sewn and stuffed with sinters.
From 26 r. In this master class begins the formation of the bodice of the dress. For this 40 persons. Etc. LH is started from 26 to 40 rubles. Then you can begin to form the shoulder. It uses a white thread. No. 41: persons. - 6 pcs., * 2 persons. Together * - 5 times, persons. - 8 pcs., * 2 persons. Together * - 5 times, LP - 6 pcs. - 30 persons. № 42-48: ЛГ - 30 LP. We fill the torso.
Next, we begin knitting the head. Series No. 49: Persons., An increase in two facial. № 50-72: LG. No. 73: 2 persons. Together, 2 persons. - 38 pcs. No. 74: - LG. No. 75: 2 persons. (2 faces simultaneously, front) - 26 pcs. No. 76: 2 persons. At the same time - 13. A connected head for a doll, as well as a trunk must be filled. After that, the thread must be stretched through the eyelets and tighten the head.

The next stage of the master class is dedicated toMaking two pens. For them you will need the same yarn as for the knitted dress bodice. First need to form spokes for 8 persons. Then they need to be divided into 3 spokes: 3,3,2. After that, 1 p. № 2: the increase of persons. In each item - 16. From 3 to 22 rubles. LH - 16 p. From 22 to 26 p. We knit out. N. At the same time choosing the contrasting color of the yarn. In the 27 r. Again we take white yarn - 16 persons. From 28 to 32 LH. We fill in the knob. No. 33: persons., 2 persons. Simultaneously - 8 pcs. In the 34 r. We stretch a thread through the loops and pull the palm together. We pass a needle on the outline. R. For the final formation of the palm.
A master class on knitting a pupa is coming to an end. We just had to make hair, a bun, a skirt, and also decorate the panties. To create hair on the needles, you need to dial 16 p. The first 2 rows consist of faces. Etc. In the third it is necessary to close the first 2 items, then knit people .. The last 3 pcs. Do not tie. We turn over the bound doll and knit 4 r., Consisting of faces. Item No. 5: an increase in the first 2 items, persons. To the last 5 pcs. Then we turn the work over again. Next river. Consists of individuals. When the denticles are ready - 12 pieces, the loops can be closed.
At this stage, the master classStitches, and the narrower parts are slightly pulled together. Hair is attached to the head of the pupa with the help of threads. Next, you need to bind the beam. Or make two bunches and place them on each side, as the doll has on the photo.

To knit a bundle, you need to type 10 knitting needles. To knit with garter stitch 31 r. In this case, the first point in each p. Must be missed. A bundle tied by one's own hands must be sewn and stuffed with sinters. After this, the bundle needs to be tightened firmly and sewed to the head of a knitted doll. If you build 1 bundle, it can be placed on top or back, and if you make two beams then it is better to fix them on the sides.
To form a skirt in this master class wasWas collected 80 p. Then for a skirt 6 r. LG. After that, denticles were formed, taming the skirt: faces., Nakid, 2 persons. At the same time. Another 6 r. Now the crochet needs to connect the two edges of the future skirt: typed with a knitted one. After that, the knitting of the skirt continues with the help of the needles to the desired length.
When creating the penultimate r. The skirt of the finished skirt is made: persons., 2 persons. At the same time. In the last river. All items are knit by 2 persons. At the end of the river. Closed, and ready-made knitted skirt is sewn to the doll. At the end of the training master-class with the help of a hook we finish panties. They are lengthened by a column with a crochet. After this, the piece attached to the hands is sewn to the doll.
The knitted doll is ready! Now this unique toy, created by yourself, can be put on a bookshelf or given to a child!

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Video lesson on knitting dolls and toys

Knitted dolls are different. Some needlewomen like cute dolls, others prefer elegant knitted ladies. But all the craftsmen are sincerely convinced that knitted dolls are much better and more interesting than purchased ones! And this is not surprising, because they have a part of the soul of the person who connected them, and therefore they are a bit "live". Considering such pupae, you understand that they have their own character, unique style and peculiar "zest".

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