Crocheted knitting needles for a fashionista. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Crocheted knitting needles for a fashionista. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Being a schoolgirl, I could hardly name the autumnfavorite season. Slush, the onset of cold weather and as a consequence, it was time to put on a hat. And this, as you know, was reflected in the fact that a red strip appeared on the forehead of the headdress and, of course, about what curls could be discussed ... knitted knitted scarf-tube. Photo №1 And it's not even in the rain - the cap is a tight trapwas located on my head, primitive curls. And I for the sake of that they have appeared the whole night tortured itself with hair curlers! My friends with melok ran to school without hats, hiding them in their backpacks, barely stepped over the threshold. I was cold and she stayed in her rightful place. Everything would be much easier if I had such a wonderful thing as a scarf in my time. A long and wide scarf can be worn as well as a hood on the head that will keep your curls and protect you from the cold. In addition, this accessory is suitable for anyone along the line and, if you tie it wide enough, you can wrinkle creases to create a unique romantic image. knitted knitted scarf-tube. Photo # 2 Let's start knitting our scarf-pipe, which will warm us this fall. For this we need:

  • The yarn is 200 g. (of your choice)
  • Circular knitting needles No. 3,5-4

The knitting pattern is very simple and, even if you are just a beginner in the knitting world - you can easily cope with this task. Let's get to work: knitted knitted scarf-tube. Picture №3

  • First of all, we type 160 loops.
  • The first row is knitted alternating the front and back loops. We close the row into the ring and continue knitting with an elastic band 1x1. We knit this way 10 cm.
  • We pass to the plait. We make a series of facial, then a series of purl loops. In this way we sew 20 cm.
  • After we knitted 20 cm garter stitch, go for knitting gum. And we sew 10 rows with it.
  • Then close the hinges and cut the thread.
  • Finished scarf pipe should be stripped and dried, spread out on a towel.
  • knitted knitted scarf-tube. Photo №4 Your scarf-tube is ready. Let this fashion accessory not make you choose between beauty and health. Allow yourself your favorite hairstyles and wear your scarf-tube with pleasure - you did it for yourself with love.