Knitted knitting needles for beginners, photo, instruction, video / Toys by hand, patterns, video, MK

Knitted knitting needles for beginners, photo, instruction, video / Toys by hand, patterns, video, MK

Knitted knitting with knitting needles is not only interesting, but also very fast. At the same time, there are a number of products that will seem easy even for beginners.

Bumblebee knitting

You will need:

  • yarn - black and orange fleecy thin in 4 layers;
  • A gray ribbon made of organza;
  • material for packing;
  • studs - 3 pieces;
  • hair spray;
  • black beads - 3 pieces;
  • a felt-tip pen;
  • thread of black color;
  • skin trimming black.

Description of work simple bumblebee knitting needles

  • Orange thread - type 6 loops.
  • 1 row:, 2 persons from 1 - repeat 6 times = only 12 loops.
  • 2nd row: (2 out of one, 1 out) - repeat 6 times = 18 loops.
  • 3 series: knit facial.
  • 4 row: knit purl.
  • 5-6 rows: continue from black yarn, 2 p.
  • From 7 to 10 rows - knit with orange thread, 4 r.
  • From 11 to 20 rows - knit a black thread in 10 p.
  • From 21 to 24 series: continue knitting with orange thread in 4 p. Continue the black thread of people 1 p.
  • 26 row: (we knit 2 purl together) 9 times = 9 eye loops, 1 r.
  • Next, cut the thread, hold it through the loop, tighten and fasten it.
  • Build First you need to make a head,loop. You should sew the bottom seam, while stuffing the product with cotton. Next are the wings of organza. They are simply cut out of the tape and painted with lacquer. Attach the wings to the body. From the skin, make the antennae and attach it to the head. In place of the mouth and eyes, sew beads. A soft toy must be provided with paws. They can be made from hairpins. You can use a waxed cord, not hairpins, for the bumblebees of a bumblebee, knitted with knitting needles. Do it if you are going to give a toy to a child. When you make a toy for beginners, the mustache can not be done at all.

    The easiest option: a rabbit from a square

    simple rabbit with knitting needles We knit a rabbit! To do this you will need:

    • yarn,
    • cotton wool,
    • pompon for the tail.

    The first step is to tie the rectangle to the frontsmooth or garter stitch. Any thread can be taken. How to tie a rectangle? We type 28 loops and knit with garter stitch. After the square is ready, you need to sew it in the center with a thread with a needle. The second stage is to make a toy, do not tear the thread, but we sew it so that the triangle turns out. Then tighten the thread and fill the resulting cavity with the cotton. You should get a head Then you need to sew the back of the toy and fill it with cotton. Stitch together a secret stitch. Do not forget to tie a pompom - it will act as a tail. You can make embroidery on the face, sew beads, or you can just leave it as it is.

    Knitting Rattles for Beginners

    If you are going to knit the first toy, thiscan be a simple rattle. You can execute several products of different colors. What are the advantages of a knitted toy? The kid will not get hurt during the game with her, there are no small details that the child could swallow. rattle So, we knit a rattle with our own hands. It is better to take this kind of yarn, like "Kroka". It is soft and the villi do not fall out, since the thread from the base is very difficult to tear off. The products are obtained by texture, which allows the baby to use the toy for the development of motor skills. A knitted rattle can also be used if the baby has gums of the gums. Toys do not shed, they are allowed to be washed in a conventional washing machine. We want a rattle: what will it take?

    • The yarn of the "Krokha";
    • beads;
    • spokes - 3 mm;
    • scissors;
    • needle with a large eye;
    • a felt-tip pen - from it it is necessary to get a rod and wash the product with soap;
    • container from kinder-surprise.

    Description of work

  • First we knit a container cover. We put beads in it, so that the rattle makes sounds. Knitting is made with knitting needles, but you can also use a hook.
  • Knit a cover is very simple. Just make a square whose sides will be slightly longer than the length of the container. It is easiest to make 15 loops and tie 15 rows.
  • Then take a strong thread and stitch the product around the perimeter. Next, put a container in the resulting case. We pull. Sew the resulting hole. The bead for the rattle is ready.
  • It remains only to put the knitted part of the toy on a stick, which can be a felt-tip pen.
  • Knitted sheep

    simple knitted toy To make yarn out of yarn, we uncoil the knitting needlesbody and head, making the expansion at the beginning and at the end of the narrowing of the canvas. The head is sewn on one edge, and the legs can be knitted with knitting needles, or made from braids from the same yarn, or take a thick cord for this. The hair on the coat on the head of the lamb is tied with long loops. Read also: .

    Ideas for toys with knitting needles

    Do not know what toys can be connected withspokes? There are many simple options. You can make a doll, try to perform cartoon heroes, seals, frogs, pillow toys and much more. A great popularity when knitting with needles forbeginners enjoy the houses. Run them very simply from any yarn. It is enough to make 6 squares, connect them together, fill with cotton, and you can decorate the house! Other toys by knitting needles: