Knitted toy hedgehog with knitting needles. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Knitted toy hedgehog with knitting needles. Master Class. Video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Our children are already tired of toy rabbits,Bears, dogs. Do you want to diversify their leisure time? Then find out how to match a toy hedgehog with knitting needles. The toy can be made in two ways: we knit on knitting needles or with the help of a hook. Each craftsman chooses his scheme for himself. As a rule, knitted hedgehogs on spokes are of two types: the figure stands on legs or lies with needles. The average length of our hedgehog will be about 20 cm.

Materials and attributes for knitting

  • For the execution of the head and trunk, the Pekhorki hank is a series of "Children's Caprice" (50% merino wool, 50% fiber, 225 m, 50 g);
  • For imitation of needles, the yarn-grass made of polyester Alize Decofur of Turkish production of brown melange of shade 1365 (100 g, 110 m) is ideally suited;
  • Black thread for embroidery;
  • Special filler for soft toys;
  • Needles number 2;
  • Hook;
  • Needle for stitching related parts.

Knitted hedgehog

Operating procedure

We will consider a more understandable variant of the description of knitting by knitting with two knits, which even a beginner can perform. Next you need to collect each knitted item:

  • The head of the toy in the form of a square 6x6 cm from the thread "Pecherki" (20 loops).
  • Rectangle for the torso of the same yarn 5x7 (18 p.)
  • Needles from yarn-grass - a square size of 8x8 (20 p.).

Knitted hedgehogThen follows the stage of assembling the parts separately:

  • Head - two corners of the square are bent and stitched togetherknitted item. For the ears of the muzzle, unused other corners of the knitted blank are used. Stretch the needle to the middle of the side with the needle and secure it, retreating approximately 1.5-2 cm from the top edge of the muzzle.
  • Torso - form paws from a rectangle. Then sew small small circles with a dashed seam. For this purpose, coins can be used to form convexity.

Knitted hedgehogAfter this stage, fix the head andtoy body - sew parts to each other with a needle. A knitted block with needles is sewn first on the head. In doing so, do not forget to leave the corners and lead the seam diagonally. At the beginning and end of the seam, fix the thread and pull off the ears slightly, giving them a natural shape. Be sure to leave a small hole in order to fill the belly of the forest character. Knitted hedgehog

Interesting ideas for the design of a knitted animal

After fixing all the details you need a black threadto embroider a nose and eyes. You can show creativity: crochet a nose or attach beautiful beads instead. Pay attention, that on sale there are special toy eyes, if there is no desire to do them own hands. Knitted hedgehogTo decorate the figure, you can crochet additional details and then fasten them to the head of the toy:

  • a small apple;
  • a flower in the form of a camomile;
  • green leaves or mushrooms.

Pay attention to the nuances

Of course, you can replace sintepon conventional cotton wool. But in this case, you will not get the right volume of toys and the effect of even the best quality knitting will be a bit blurry. Dents and roughness of the relief are possible. When preparing a toy for a gift or for your child, you should not save on materials - and then the beloved hedgehog will last much longer. Look at similar master classes: