Knitted toys with knitting needles for video master classes

Knitted toys with knitting needles for video master classes


The children's room is always filled with bright andColorful toys. At whatever age a child is, the toy constantly accompanies it and helps to know the surrounding world. The market of children's goods is full of a variety of children's toys, but it is always more pleasant to keep a piece made by oneself. A product that is made with warmth and care.
Today, knittingToys. Knitted toys are very beautiful and safe, and what is very important - original. To create such crafts you need certain skills, patience, accuracy and free time. The result exceeds all expectations. Especially such a warm and beautiful souvenir pleases in the New Year holidays.

What can I connect

For the smallest crumbs, you can tie balls,Cubes, gingerbread men and other crafts. They can be tied to a tape and hung to a cot or stroller so that the baby can see them. Thus, children train attention and vision. And to connect such toys is very simple, it is enough to see the master class on creating the product of interest. Even for beginners knitters this work will not cause difficulties.
The advantage of knitted toys is that they are absolutely harmless, since they are made of natural materials. A soft and embossed surface contributes to the development of the child's motor skills.
We present to your attention a photo of an elephant that you can tie yourself.

For older kids, you can link someAn animal: a bear, a cat, a dog, or even a doll. Such a gift, made by yourself, will be an excellent gift for the New Year. Knitted hand-made articles can be decorated with different decorative elements (bows, hats, flowers) or clothes. With the help of knitted toys you can learn colors, names of clothes, shapes. The main thing in this work is to show imagination.
Knitted crafts can be an excellent memorableA gift not only for children, but also for people of any age category. It can be a decorative sofa cushion, unusual wall clocks, Christmas toys on the Christmas tree and much more. Such a souvenir will be kept for many years, and their owner will always remember with warmth the person who made and gave it to him. In this video the master class clearly demonstrates the New Year's ball, knitted with the help of spokes.

Video: We knit a cat

Now it is very fashionable to give knitted toys toNew Year in the form of a symbol of the next year. Examples of toys are presented in the photo. Such a gift under the tree will be unforgettable for both the child and the adult.

Tips for knitting toys

Most knitted toys made with knitting needles,Is associated only with individuals. Smooth. Using fantasy and desire, you can make the toy more textured, linking individual elements of the new. Links or a braid pattern. But this is not necessarily, from the original loops you can create original and unsurpassed handicrafts.
Advice for beginners knitters: When choosing tools, you need to select spokes much smaller in size than the manufacturers of yarn recommend to the floor size, and preferably one size. This is done so that the toy comes out dense, and the filler is not visible and does not get out from the inside.
The easiest way to knit toys with knitting needles- this is the knitting of a single canvas, which is then folded in half, stitched and filled with filler. Then such details are stitched together, tightening at the ends and in the middle (thus changing the shape of a rectangular or square piece). Introducing the video master class on knitting the owl with knitting needles.

Video: Owl with knitting needles

For beginners, this method is suitable asCan not be better. More experienced knitters can make a toy with different miniature elements, which are created by reducing or increasing the number of buttonholes in the canvas. Seams of parts are made with a knitted (mattress) seam. Details of a knitted toy are joined with secret seams. The final touch when creating a knitted toy is embroidering or gluing eyes, nose and mouth. A master class with a full description of the work is presented in the video.

Video: Knitting a Miniature Mouse

Which filler is best used for toys

Knitted toys can be filled with differentMaterials. Often used wool, cotton wool, sintepon, holofayber, dry herbs. To the choice of filler for a product knitted with spokes should be taken with care, the choice of material will depend on the purpose of the future product.

Vata and sintepon will never cause allergicReactions. But, a toy filled with them is not recommended for games with a child, because the materials fall off very quickly. Croup is best placed in a small plastic container and used for rattles. But the croup is very afraid of moisture. With the help of filler from dry herbs you can create a tonic and soothing collection. The disadvantage is the same as that of cereals. Toys filled with natural wool are very pleasant to the touch, but can cause allergy in children. And like all products made from natural wool, such a toy will attract a mole to itself.
Unique koto pillows and a step-by-step master class for their implementation can be seen at the end of this article.
The best and optimal filler forProducts made by own hands, is holofayber. This material perfectly preserves the shape, it can be washed and it dries quickly. The price of HoloFiber is also not high. The only drawback of this material is that it is 100% artificial.

Care for a knitted toy

Nobody wants, having received as a gift or having madeIndependently, a knitted toy, to throw it out in a few months because of the fact that it has lost its diligent appearance. A knitted product requires a certain care for itself.
You only need to wash a knitted toy with your hands andCool water. Washing powder, soap or shampoo, which will be used when washing, it is better to choose from "children's". To ensure that the product has not lost its shape and is not deformed, after washing it needs to be slightly stretched. The knitted toy should be dried in a straightened state at room temperature.

Video: Pillow in the form of a cat