Knitting with beads in training lessons (photo and video)

Knitting with beads in training lessons (photo and video)


By combining together different types of crafts cancreate amazing things. So, armed with knitting with beads, you can own hands to create a small wallets and cases for your phone, jacket and even dress. And you can work for yourself familiar tools - a hook or knitting needles. Those who already own them skillfully, do not have long and hard to learn something new. They only need to learn a few basic techniques, using the available workshop. That will be quite enough to knitting with beads can be performed without the scheme and with it, of course.

Materials needed for knitting with beads

Those who have a good command of the hook, of course,I prefer to start learning knitting with beads with him. After all, half the work is already done, and just have to learn some of the nuances. To begin to learn how to pick up materials and tools. Everyone knows that the bug can cause the damaged works. So what does it take? The minimal set is as follows:

  • cotton or synthetic thread;
  • beads;
  • hook;
  • needle for beads.

Also you may still need wire cutters, additional accessories for decoration, scissors and ordinary knitting needle.
However, there are beginners needlewomendifficulties with the selection of the size of the beads, threads and hooks. But it depends on how it will look finished work. Of course, the following information is not a dogma. Master class on the choice of materials and tools designed to simplify the task only for those who do it for the first time.
The most successful combination is consideredmercerized cotton or classic crochet and beads size 8/0. From popular brands that manufacture these threads, it is possible to note "Iris», VitaCottonPelican, DMC and others. The work should be performed by a hook of 1.65 to 1.75 mm. A set of beads is better to carry out a fine needle and larger eye, even better special. Also for the decoration and creation of volumetric parts can still use beads 6/0.
Those who have a large margin of patience,good vision and experience in knitting with beads, can take over the execution of work with smaller beads size 11/0 and 15/0. To him fit synthetic thread beading and sewing, as well as the hook size from 1.3 to 1.6 mm thin bead needle.

knitting techniques with beads

Now, when all of the material selected andtool, you can move on to the technical part of the work, namely directly to knitting with beads. However, it needs to start to dial the thread. And then the question arises: "How much to gain?". If the job is small, as much as you need. For a large set of products is carried out by the length of 1.2-1.5 m. Then the thread breaks, and everything is repeated again.
Significantly, how to perform knitting with beadshook. There are two most common techniques: Russian and English. But this is the case when it is better to see once than to read several times. Therefore, for the convenience of a master-class on both the techniques presented in the following video and photo lessons.

Video: Russian way of knitting with beads

English method of knitting with beads beads vvyazyvaniya process this reception shows staged photo:

Bead Knitting needles

By and large, between knitting andcrochet no special differences. When choosing materials must also be a balance to the beads easily dressed on a thread. And then, depending on their selected and spokes. As a general rule they must be two times thicker thread. The latter, too, there is little demand. It is advisable to take the yarn smooth, without knots. Beads should be rounded and smooth, flawless.
Unlike crochet in this case arehave difficulties with threading in a small hole beads. To simplify your task, you need to thread the needle in any nylon thread and tie a knot, leaving large tips. Then thread the loop in the thread, which is planned and used for knitting with beads. Twist together and strung beads so that it has turned to a thick yarn. It is advisable to dial all at once, so that later were not required at the time of knitting yarn to break off for the new beads.
More clearly a set of beads on a string, you can see in the following video, which goes a master class on the topic:

Video: How to collect beads on a thread

Bead Knitting needles although it is impossible withoutscheme, but still preferably be based on simple drawings. The most commonly used Shawl knitting or hosiery. After all, in such works it performs beads decoration. Unlike crochet knit bead is not necessary in each row, as the product will be too heavy. It is better to do it through a number of, or even less.
As it is made of knitting with beads, you can see in the next short video.

Video: The process of knitting with beads knitting needles

Bead Case for glasses with their hands

However, it is good to learn knitting with beads,it is desirable to make the hands of some everyday object such as a case for glasses. Proposed below masterclass involves Crochet English way. But it can be a good example to understand the principle and the sequence of actions. For beginners needlewomen it is very important.
For its implementation will need the following materials and tools:

  • 35 grams of blue №10 Czech beads;
  • 10 grams of gold and orange Czech beads №10;
  • cotton yarn for knitting or sewing;
  • hook;
  • silk fabric for the lining;
  • special-buckle clasp width of 7 cm.

Getting Started course, the master class can not do without the scheme. It is as follows:

But you do not use ready-made designs. You can do it on their own and as follows. First on paper and then cut around the buckle draw a rectangle the right length, make a small allowance at the edges. On each side for fasteners and bottom to give volume to lay bevels. Thereafter, the desired pattern may be done using computer
embroidery cross, or beads.
Now you need to dial the desired number of threadbeads. We have already cited the master class, how to do it. So especially to dwell on this point does not make sense. When dialing beads it should be done from the top down, that is, in the reverse order. Also, to avoid confusion, can not dial all at once, but only half, for example. And before you start knitting, it is necessary once again to check the dialed beads against a schema.

Operating procedure
The scheme of knitting a cover for the bottom can ochkovTeperproceed directly to knitting with beads. The first series, which will be based on the entire case will not fit in the circle. For it is necessary to dial 24 aerial loops with beads, the first would be without him. It is very important. Further, all subsequent rows of circularly knitted according to the scheme. It should be noted that the first five rows each made with the extension part. To this is added at the end of a number 2 on each side of the column. Then, according to the scheme circular knitted fabric.
The principle of how it is done, you can look at the video at the end. In it shows another master class on knitting crochet cover for mobile phone. But the idea itself remains the same.
Then, according to the scheme you want to make 2separate parts. They need to collect beads turns downwards and also from right to left, that is in the opposite direction, knitting is performed. Then, following the scheme initially bind one half of a hook, and then the other. In order to secure the lining and buckle, it is necessary on each side more tie 2 rows without beads.

Now you can make the lining. It should be slightly narrower cover for glasses. Its just sew on a typewriter or by hand. However, it is not necessary to sew up the bottom, to be able to turn it. This is to ensure that it is easily hemmed to boot. Then it will just turn left and seal the hole. Carefully fill the lining of the inside and secure buckle in any convenient way. In this master class on making a cover for glasses completed.

Video: Knitting with beads for phone cover

Bead Knitting and crocheting, and knittingrequired by needlewoman not only perseverance and patience, but the ability to work in several techniques. This is quite time consuming, but the result will exceed all expectations. This is confirmed by each master class, experienced handy laid out in the vast World Wide Web. With their help, probably will be able to learn new techniques for themselves.
And in the end we would like to offer another videofor the manufacture of its tow hands. Master class tells in detail about all the nuances of the work. And in this case, the circuit can be dispensed with. We can only follow the advice.

Video: Lesson knitting beaded harness