Knitting hats with a lapel needle. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Knitting hats with a lapel needle. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

As the season approaches, many are already thinking aboutthe one to pick up a hat. The former are fed up already, I want something new and fresh. Although for most people this issue is a real problem. It is difficult enough for many to pick up a hat so that it was warm, and beautiful, and comfortable. a knitted hat with a lapel. Photo №1 A woman's cap with a lapel, tied with knitting needles,will suit almost everyone. It is absolutely universal model, which can be successfully combined with absolutely any kind of outerwear. Fashion legislators have come up with caps of this model for all occasions. There are many variants of it:

  • Youth version - with a large pompon and large viscous. A variety of yarns are used, pompons can be made from threads or from fur.
  • A more adult model is a cap with a lapel andbraids. It can be worn with any outer clothing, and with a sports suit. Sometimes the well-chosen pattern of braids perfectly harmonizes even with a sheepskin coat. This style most successfully looks in a light scale with a large viscous.
  • One of the most elegant and feminine options -a cap made of mohair with a lapel. Ideal for women of Balzac's age. Complete with a beautiful scarf will be wonderful to harmonize with a long coat or stylish sheepskin coat.

a knitted hat with a lapel. Photo # 2 Knitting caps with a lapel gives a hugeopportunities for the manifestation of fantasy. Due to the special binding, it is possible to create wide and narrow models. It will be great to look your headdress, if you connect it with bright threads, and your outer clothing will have darker tones. a knitted hat with a lapel. Picture №3 We suggest you to associate with the new seasonan original cap with a lapel, decorated with buttons. For work you will need needles of two sizes, for example Nos. 5 and 4,5. Yarn can choose at your discretion, so that the cloth does not cause you any inconvenience. The peculiarity of knitting this model will be that we type on the spokes only 5 loops and, having combined them in a circle, we knit, constantly adding their quantity through a row. See the diagram. For example, 1 row: add 1 loop to each available, so we already have 10 loops. a knitted hat with a lapel. Photo №4 To knit a lapel we will change the knitting needles, takesmaller size. After engaging one row, take an additional spoke and, having turned the work, dial 20 loops on it. Now we will knit like this: 1 row: thread before work, 1 loop to remove as a rule, then 18 faces. etc., 2 loops along the front (along with the loop of the main cloth), the work is rotated. 2 row: 1 remove the loop as above, 19 face loops, turn the work. a knitted hat with a lapel. Photo №5 These two series will be repeated, working with 20Loops until the length of the fields is equal to the length of the cap. After that, we still knit about 5 cm as row 2 and close. We sew the buttons through both parts and strip off. We wear it with pleasure!