Crochet stylish hats for women. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

Crochet stylish hats for women. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

With such a small and convenient"Inventory" as a hook, you can connect not only all kinds of products, but also make an unusually beautiful hat. Moreover, its variety and form depends entirely on the preferences of the needlewoman. It can be both classic hats, and sports, for children and adults. crocheted stylish female hat. Photo №1 Self-linking an individual modelheadgear is very simple, although the process itself is quite laborious. For those who know how to handle a crochet, there are no difficulties at all in creating a masterpiece, but for those who are just starting to learn crochet, it is desirable to choose patterns and patterns "simpler", without additional ornaments. crocheted stylish female hat. Photo # 2 Now we will tell you some smallthe secrets of crochet. In addition, what you need to learn to knit is not very tight and the same size loops, you need to choose a convenient way for you to knit. Here are some of them:

  • knitting hats from the top of the head;
  • individual motifs, different in size and color;
  • creating a product with a rim.

crocheted stylish female hat. Picture №3 In the first case it is very convenient that at any momentyou can easily measure the cap, and the process itself is much easier, it is usually chosen by beginners. If you decide to tie a hat to the rim, then do it very carefully and adhere strictly to the scheme and the necessary calculations for knitting, this is to ensure that the product is not deformed in the process. crocheted stylish female hat. Photo №4 We need: two colors of yarn, we took one hundred grams of beige color and fifty grams of brown; hook for knitting №3,5. crocheted stylish female hat. Photo №5 After. how to perform the necessary measurements, we proceed to the process of creating a cap. Having connected two air loops, we perform six columns without crochets, tying them into the first loop of the chain. Next, proceed to the second round row, here you need to increase the number of loops and columns without nakidov to twelve pieces. Then we continue to knit our cap in a spiral with the basic pattern, not forgetting to add loops until the diameter of the product reaches seventeen centimeters. After that, we knit without adding loops three centimeters and lay the loops aside. Separately we knit six squares and connect them in a circle. The resulting openwork ring is attached to the already tied bottom by means of one row of columns without nakidov. Continue the work on the edge of the squares. We send straight and back rows of another five centimeters. For registration, you can tie the edge of the cap to the step of the steppe.