Knitting a fashion tunic for women. Useful advice for beginners and experienced needlewomen

Knitting a fashion tunic for women. Useful advice for beginners and experienced needlewomen

Tunics recently entered our fashion, but with the same success they quickly expand the circle of their fans. a knitted woman 's tunic. Photo №1 A tunic is a piece of clothing that is simply necessary inwardrobe of a modern woman. In it you feel very comfortable, a warm tunic warms in the cold winter, light - just irreplaceable in the summer. And without it it is impossible to do with those who need to hide some of the shortcomings of the figure. Until recently, tunics were considered summer clothes, but now in many brand collections began to appear things associated with dense yarn, which is very comfortable in the cold season. In our days a tunic is called either a super-short dress, or an elongated blouse and blouse. Not everyone knows that the fashion for wearing tunics was introduced by hippies, in the seventies of the twentieth century. a knitted woman 's tunic. Photo # 2 The tunic can be supplemented with various accessories -long beads, bracelets and even scarves. They are worn at home and on a walk, on the beach and as an evening outfit. If you can correctly choose the length of the tunic, then even if the completeness is too full, the flaws of the figure will disappear. In the modern world, exclusive things always had a special demand and invariably enjoyed popularity. A tunic, knitted with his own hands, which can not be made difficult - will certainly be the only one of its kind, because each craftsman brings a piece of his imagination in the manufacture of even the simplest model. This season, the knitting of beach tunics is very popular, this is a wonderful way to update your appearance. A long tunic is ideal for an evening walk, this model will give femininity and elegance, especially when combined with a wide-brimmed hat. a knitted woman 's tunic. Picture №3 Knitted tunics are very popular because they:

  • Comfortable to wear, do not crumple;
  • Bound from natural yarn, allow to breathe the body;
  • They allow you to create fantasy at manufacturing, that's why they look stylish and original.

Tunics can be tied for any time of year, alldepends on what kind of yarn you will use. Made with the use of lacy and openwork patterns, you can wear for festive occasions, and associated with simpler patterns - worn for a walk or a job. a knitted woman 's tunic. Photo №4 We recommend the main emphasis during workdo on the sleeve. They can be made straight and flared, long and three-quarters, with and without cuffs. It all depends on what pattern for the canvas you choose. In order to facilitate the assembly process, make the sleeves with your shoulders down and thoroughly steamed beforehand. Estimate the elegance of the model proposed above.