Knitting hare from the square

Knitting hare from the square

Hare knitting With our crochet master classReaders are familiar for a long time. Today I suggest you make a charming knitting knitting hare, very simple in execution. All you need to be able to knit him is to put on the spokes of the loop and to master the garter knitting. Knitting hare They tied up pretty quickly, I made them at the school fair. The children bought knitted hares instantly and asked for more! On the eve of Easter holidays the toys turned out to be more than relevant. Knitted hares knitting Knitting hare scheme

To make such a hare, I used:

acrylic yarn YarnArt Elite (100 g - 300 m);Knitting needles number 16 (to knit fabric was tight); plastic needle; ready-made glass eyes for felted toys; floss for embroidery spout; Focus glue for gluing in the eye; synthetic winterizer for stuffing toys; ready-made pompons or hand-made (in this case, you will also need a table fork); scissors.

Hare knitting: master class

1. We collect on the spokes of the loop. For a little bunny, as in the photo above, - 20 loops + 2 edging. For a hare more - 35 + 2 edge. The size of the blank for forming a bunny can be any; accordingly, the size of the finished toy will change. We knit with facial loops (garter stitch) up as many rows as necessary to make a square, after which the loops are closed. For little rabbits, I knitted a knitted stocking square (i.e. alternated rows of facial and purl loops). I podgadvat so that the tails at the beginning and end of knitting were in the corners of the same side of the square; this way we get ready ears, in which there is no need to hide and hem the tips of the yarn. Knitted hare 2. Pay attention to the photo below. On it is drawn a triangle - these are the lines along which it is necessary to sew a square with a seam “forward needle”. On large rabbits I sewed them with the same yarn I used to knit. On smaller rabbits, she used ordinary sewing threads, folded in half, matched to the yarn. Assembly scheme We sew a coupler 3. Begin to tighten the thread, we have stand out rabbit head. Fill it with padding polyester or any other filler. Filler head Fill well and tighten the thread. We tie the tips into a strong knot. Tightening thread 4. While the needle is at the head, we will form a muzzle. To do this, we will make an utyazhki: in this way we will not only drown the eyes inward, but also mark the mouth, and most importantly - select the characteristic cheek. We transfer the needle through the filler to the place where the eye will be; we pull the needle out, grab the thread of the knitted fabric and pierce the filler in the direction of the second eye. Again we seize a thread of a knitted cloth, we tighten a thread to drown eye sockets, and in the same way we do an utyazhka of a mouth. Grabbed the thread - and pulled the needle back to the base of the ears. There we make the lock and sew a hole in which the filler can peek. Making utyazhki on the face Make a mouth tie 5. We were at the neck. We fold both edges of the remaining knitted fabric and neatly sew it over the edge with a seam. We sew a seam on the back of a hare How to knit a hare with needles: scheme 6 We have a hole for printing knitting needles hare. Stitch along the perimeter of the hole with a “forward needle” seam, insert the filler. Tighten and then sew up the hole. The thread is not cut. Stuff figure Tighten the hole Sew hole 7 Well remember the fingers of the body, giving it the desired shape. The rabbit must "sit." It falls a little further forward, but the tail must balance the structure. The finished toy is fairly stable sitting on a fixed surface. Master class knitting hare knitting eight. Needle output a little higher wired holes for stuffing. In the place where the tail is supposed. Sew tail. For the tails, I used ready-made synthetic pompons for creativity and homemade pompons; because they are needed small, to make them in the traditional way, on cardboard circles (see the article ““), quite inconvenient. As a device, I used an ordinary table fork. How to knit a toy hare knitting 9. We make out a muzzle of a knitted Easter rabbit. We well lubricate the core with Focus glue (perhaps the usual superglue will do) and we put our eyes on the spot already marked with the utensils. Glue eyes Hare from the square knitting needles Embroider the spout. Hare knitting: MK Knitting easter bunny ready. Hares are obtained with amusing, expressive faces and are very popular not only with children. But the main thing is to make them really fast, it is a good idea to realize yarn residues. Knitting: hares How to knit a hare with knitting needles: description Easter Bunny Knitting Knitted hares with a description Knitting pattern hare knitting Knitted hare knitting needles: diagrams and description Knit a hare with needles Hare knitting: master class Scheme knit hare knitting Hares knitting with description Hare knitting: diagram and description How to knit a hare with needles Eva Casio specifically for the site Workshops on needlework Previous article: Next article: