Knitting mittens on 5 knitting needles for photos and video master-class

Knitting mittens on 5 knitting needles for photos and video master-class


Mittens are an indispensable accessory for the winter. They need a man, and women, and children. Therefore, it is important for needleworkers to master their implementation. Many are afraid of knitting mittens on five knitting needles. However, there is nothing complicated in this. Today we will prove it.

Video: Double mittens with 5 spokes

Lesson on knitting mittens

Set of loops As you know, any mitten starts with a cuff. It is performed quite simply - an elastic band. It is best to use the alternation of two purl with two facial.
Type the desired number of loops. When calculating, it must be remembered that the cuff should fit tightly around the arm. At the same elastic is elastic enough, that is, when determining the density of knitting, the sample should be slightly stretched. In addition, repeating the rubber band is equal to four loops, this number must be a multiple of the length of the set.
In our example, 24 loops are typed. Then they are distributed between four spokes, after which the knitting is closed in a circle. It is important to make sure that the eyelets do not twist.

The beginning of the series will be where the tail hangs. It is useful for beginner needlewomen to know that for the convenience of knitting it is accepted that the first and second spokes form a palm, and the third and fourth are the back side.
Now knit the fifth canvas with an elastic band, equal to the length of the cuff. Its size depends on who mites are knitted, but on average it is about five centimeters.

At first it will seem like knitting on five knitting needlesIt is impossible - they will always interfere with each other. But do not get scared, every needlewoman passes through this. Gradually, knitting in this way ceases to seem too complicated.
The main part When the cuff is finished,You can go to knitting the main part. This will also use five spokes. It is important to measure the palm of the hand at its widest part, link the sample of the selected pattern and calculate the required number of loops. If it turns out to be greater than what is used in the rubber band, add evenly the missing ones.

If you knit your gloves for the first time, you needRegularly try them on hand. When the height of the canvas reaches the place where the thumb is located, it is necessary to make a hole under it. If the right mitten is sewn, it will be located on the first spoke, if the left one is on the second.
To obtain a hole for the finger, you will need to use a contrasting thread.

Reproduce the following sequence of actions:

  • To fasten the first loop on the spoke, where the finger will be, with the primary color;
  • Perform 4 loops contrast strand;
  • The last hinge tie the main color.

Next, knitting continues as usual. If done correctly, the canvas will look like the photo above.
Knitting Knitting
When the height of the canvas reaches the end of the little finger, you can begin to perform the toe. To do this, do the following:

  • At the beginning of the first and third spokes remove the first loop as a front one, the second to tie the faces., Extend it through the detached;
  • At the end of the second and fourth penultimate loop to connect the facial, stretch it through the latter.

Reduction repeat until there are no more than 8 loops. It remains to close the top of the mittens. To do this, all the loops in turn stretch through each other, through the last pull the thread and tighten.

Knitting a thumb To tie a thumb, you need to pull out a very neatly contrasting thread. Open loops should be put on two spokes. On the top will always be one less.

On the sides, you should additionally dial the hinges in such a way that there are no holes in these places. The finger should be knitted as well as the mitten on five spokes.

It will not be superfluous to try on the product on a regular basis to understand when to start to run a finger. Closing loops should be done the same as on the main part.
Thus, following simple and rather detailed instructions, even a novice needlewoman will cope with knitting mittens on five knitting needles.

Video: We knit the basic model of the mittens