Knitting bactus with knitting needles according to the scheme with the description (video lesson)

Knitting bactus with knitting needles according to the scheme with the description (video lesson)


Beautiful and sophisticated wardrobe itemsEmphasize the refinement of every woman. In this master class we will learn how to knit such objects on our own. A large number of visual master classes will help you in creating bactus.
To link the beautiful and original bactusNeed to be patient with the needles, after all, the length of this accessory is more than 1.5 m. But, it is difficult to frighten a real needlewoman with such trifles and that's why not only many experienced, but also beginners masters take knitting needles and start knitting.

We knit an original scarf - bactus

Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktusToday, especially for beginners, we want to talk about how to associate bactus with a detailed description. The work is quite simple, since the product is knitted with garter stitch.
In order for knitters who are just starting to be able to tie the same original and stylish bactus as in the photo, they need to prepare the following materials in advance: melange yarn and a pair of spokes.
During the description of the knitting pattern, we will use some abbreviations:

  • The loop - n.
  • Series - p.
  • Facial - of persons.


  • Dial 4 p.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_1
  • Turn over the spoke and start forming faces. Etc. Pay special attention to the fact that all the loops around the edges must also be faces. Due to this, the sides of the product will be more accurate and elastic.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_2
  • Without changing the scheme of action, tie 4 p.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_3
  • In the 5 r. Make an increase from the broach:Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_4
  • From the newly formed eyelet, remove 1 person:Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_5
  • Knit with knitting needles until you get the length you need. Do not forget about the need for each subsequent 4 p. Make an increase.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_6
  • If you want the middle of the scarf to be more sharp, first make an increase, and then through 4 r. Lower the loops. To round the center, tie 10 r. In the middle without any increase.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_7
  • To perform a reduction in each 4 p. Tie together 2 and 3 n.Kak_svyazat_spicami_baktus_8
  • Remember that the increase and decrease must be made on the same side.
  • Knitting should be continued until 4 spokes are left on the knitting needles.
  • In the end, you need to close all the remaining loops.
  • This description of the knitting of the scarf can be considered complete. Finished scarf should be steamed off with an iron and nicely tied around the neck.
    Video: Warm scarf - bactus

    Bactus with tracery edges

    By connecting a simple scarf with smooth edges,Beginner needlewomen can try to complicate the task a little and link the model with the openwork edges. To do this, you just have to be patient and learn a few schemes with a description:

    Description of knitting with an openwork border of a yarn:

  • Myguo5poxniDial the item - 7 pcs.
  • Associate the zero series in a schematic drawing.
  • Set the marker.
  • Knit on the first schematic drawing from 1 to 12 r. Do not forget to expand by 3 points for 12 p. Right side.
  • After knitting the floor of the glomerulus, finish the work according to this scheme and start knitting the product with the openwork border on the drawing with decrements.
  • When the work is completed, you should get the same original and elegant scarf with an openwork border as in the photo.

    We knit a bactus with a notched edge

    Image_202038A beautiful bright bactus with a jagged edge is not exactlyWill leave no one indifferent. With the help of such an unusual accessory, you can "revive" any outfit and at the same time attract more attention to yourself. The length of the scarf is 145 cm, and the width in the central part is 28 cm.
    The following materials and tools will be needed for the beginning masters:

    • Pair of spokes №4
    • Acrylic yarn "adelia" - 1 hanging

    In the description of the knitting technique of the female model with the edge of the denticles, there are abbreviations not used by us earlier:

    • Edge - chrome.
    • Air - air.

    First we type 4n .. Then we knit along the rows:
    No. 1: Edge, from 1 st. We sew 2 (that is, from 1 st. We perform the front for the front stenochku and behind the posterior stenochku), faces., Chrome ..
    No.2: Chrome, faces. - 2pcs., Out of 1 do 2, chrome., Air.
    №3: chrome., From one - two, until the end of the row of persons., And then 1 krome ..
    No. 4, 6: 1 edge., Facial, out of 1 perform 2, faces.p. And air. ..
    № 5, 7: knit as in 3 r ..
    № 8: close 5p., Front, from 1 pt. 2, persons. And air ..
    We repeat the pattern from 1 to 8 r.Image_202041
    When there will be 144 points on the spokes, the number of toothed parts must equal 21 pieces.Image_202043
    Now let's describe in more detail knitting of a notched edge:

  • Image_2020441 st. Take off and do 2 facial.
  • We remove chrome., Persons, chrome ..
  • Edge, faces. - 4 things..
  • We remove edge, faces. - 3 pieces, chrome ..
  • Edge and 6 facial.
  • Repeat 4 rubles, but instead of 3 persons. Do 5.
  • According to the same scheme as 5 r., But at the end of 7 persons.
  • As well as 6 rubles, but one face more.
  • Close the 7 p., Persons. - 2 pcs..
  • Following the description, repeat all the ranks from 2 to 9.
    Pay attention to the fact that the penultimate toothed part with the edge needs to be knit not by 7, but by 6 pts.
    The last gear part consists of 4 r .. It is connected with persons. P..
    At the end of the loop must be closed.
    Elegant bactus with jagged edges for beginners ready:Image_202039
    Video: Baktus with jagged edge

    Openwork bactus - quick and easy

    Vyazanij-baktus-spicami-s-ajurnim-uzorom-271x300Another model, which we want to introduce to beginner craftsmen, is connected with the yarn "Superwash Paints"
    The length of the model on the photo is 81 cm, and the width is 35 cm.
    To create it, you will need:

    • 1 skein of yarn
    • A pair of ordinary spokes
    • 2 markers

    The description will use the same abbreviations as in the previous master classes.
    We begin the work with a detailed description of all the actions:

  • Type on the spokes 3 p ..
  • Send 1 person., Cape, then place a mark. After that, execute one more person. Etc., set the mark and complete the number of faces.
  • Connect 1 p. Persons ..
  • Persons. And n. - 2 times, move the mark a little higher and tie the faces. N. Raise the second marker up, form the cape and face. - 2 times.
  • Ochen-prostoj-vyazanij-platok-baktus-spicami-290x300Perform 4 r. Persons. P..
  • After that, start knitting the initialPattern according to the following scheme: Lits., N., To the mark number 1 all make faces., N., move up the marker, faces., The second mark also move up, n .. Until then until there are no needles on the spokes 1 Knit faces., Then form n. And persons .. Next series tie the faces .. Repeat pattern pattern 5 times.
  • Next, proceed to the formation of an openwork pattern: • Individuals. And nakid - 2 times. Prior to the first mark, repeat the following alternation of loops: 2 together faces., N .. Lift the marker up, faces., Move the second marker. Up to the last 2 sts we knit according to the scheme: nakid, 2 together persons .. Finish ryadochek: n. And persons. - 2 times. • The next row is done by the facial. • We repeat the scheme of this openwork pattern 2 times.
  • After this, we alternate the initial pattern with the openwork until the length of the product grows to the desired size.
  • We close the eyelets.
  • Bactus with spokes with a simple diagram and description is ready.

    Video: How to bind bactus