Knitting with elegant knitted female coats. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Knitting with elegant knitted female coats. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Here and on a nose already cold autumn, and so it would be desirable inthis time of year look stylish and bright. Today, as never before, women of fashion wear knitwear from scarves to stylish knitted coats. Famous world couturiers are doing everything possible to provide fashionable women with the most extravagant models. Naturally, such a pleasure will be quite expensive and not everyone can afford to buy a handmade thing from famous designers. That's why today we present to your attention a model of a women's autumn coat that will be relevant not only in the autumn, but also in the spring. The design of this product will be done in a business style, so you can safely dress it not only for work, but also for cultural events where you will undoubtedly appreciate your taste and creativity. knitting needles for women. Photo №1 So, first of all, it's worth to tune into a time-consuming job. In order to link an elegant woman's coat with knitting needles:

  • knitting needles №4.5
  • buttons 5 pieces
  • 1000 g of black yarn ("New")

The size of the finished product will be approximately: 37-38 knitting needles for women. Photo # 2 Back: We type (72 n) and we sew one row with an elastic band 1x1. Next, we sew the facial smoothness (77 cm), then close the armhole (1x x 3p.), And then every 2 rows (1x2p and 1x x 1p). Now you need to close 10p. at a height of 100 cm. to cut the neck. The next row for the shoulder is also closed (1 x 5 in.). And those 22 items that remained, too, must be closed. Right shelf: We collect (35 items) and we sew one row with a rubber band (1x1), and then we sew it with a facial smoothing and we reduce in each person. at a height of 64 cm from the beginning of the loop. At the same time, it is necessary to make a reduction of 77 cm for the armhole (by 1 x 3p.), And then every 2 rows (1 x 2p and 1x x 1p). It is necessary to reduce it until there is no remaining on the spoke (22 loops). Next, close all the loops at a height of 105 cm. knitting needles for women. Picture №3 Left shelf: Everything is done like the right shelf. Sleeve: It is necessary to dial 30 loops and knit with an elastic band (1x1, and in the second one, you need to double each loop by 60p). In the 4th р. add 1 loop through each (3 n. 80p.) From the sixth to the ninth row we knit, adding 1 st (each row of 84 points). Now we will fasten 2 points at a height of 24 cm (together 42 points). After that, from the pullback of the sleeve at a height of 39 cm, close on both sides (1 x 3p.) After which 2 p. (1 time x2p.) And reduce by 1 p. Until the needle remains exactly 13 p. Then reduce 3 loops. knitting needles for women. Photo №4 Assembly: We make lateral and shoulder seams and sew up sleeves. We collect on 176 p. From the left side from the bottom and along the edge of the neckline and knit 5p. elastic band (2x2). after which we close the bottom from the bottom and squeeze out the collar at the same time lowering it from the bottom (24 rubles x 1p and 1x x 6p, 1x x 8p, 2x x 10p). Loops that are left to close and on the other side of the collar add 1 p.v. in each 4 p .. the right side is done similarly. In the 3 rd. make holes for future buttons. knitting needles for women. Photo №5 As you can see, everything is quite simple. We hope you can easily cope with the process of knitting this wonderful elegant female coat with knitting needles.