Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

Scarf, without a doubt, is one of the mostnecessary things of the wardrobe and not only in cold weather. They are different, which allows us to emphasize the individuality of each of us. And what could be better than a scarf, which is connected with their own hands? By investing a part of your soul, you make the scarf so warm that no cold will be scary to you. Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Photo №1 If you are only doing the first steps in knittingknitting needles, a scarf will be a good training for you and one of the most memorable events. My "acquaintance" with knitting began with this product. I remember how I knitted the first scarf in my life. I was 5 years old, my grandmother and mother-masters, decided to teach me how to knit! Yarn I was given a white color, two needles, and the magic began! And that it was all grown-up, said that it would not just be a pattern of mating, but a real scarf! Scarf for my favorite doll! Then I tied many different scarves; openwork, with ornament and brushes, for acquaintances, friends, loved ones, but if not for this tiny scarf for the doll, which was the most difficult, the most expensive, remembered it forever! Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Photo # 2 Let's tie our first scarf together. For this we need:

  • Wool - 300 gr. Choose the wool that you like. When selecting, it is necessary to take into account that for a three-dimensional scarf, you should select a medium-thickness thread.
  • Knitting needles number 3,5

Let's start: Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Picture №3 We will knit our scarf with an English rubber band. This type of mating is ideal for such a product. As a result, the scarf will turn out to be soft and bulky. We will give the volume to the product with nakidami - only at first glance it sounds scary and it's not clear. In fact, everything is simple.

  • We type an odd number of loops taking into account two edges as well.
  • The first row we sew according to the scheme 1 litsivaya / 1 purl loops.
  • The second row is knitted as follows: the loops, which in the previous row were typed by the wrong side - we knit the facial, then we make the cape and together with it we remove the next loop of the unrepeated one.
  • The third row is knitted according to the following scheme: the loop and the crochet of the previous row are tied together face-to-face. The next loop is removed without tying.
  • We alternate the rows of clause 3-4 before our scarf does not get the dimensions we need.
  • We close freely the last row and our scarf is ready. Strain it in warm water and dry it.
  • Knitted knitting needles first scarf. Photo №4 In front of you a ready-made scarf and it's you who tied it with your own hands. This is just the beginning, your first step into the world of knitting and how many more pleasant things have yet to be tied up!