Knitting of knitting needles according to the scheme with description

Knitting of knitting needles according to the scheme with description


With the onset of the first cold weather people startExtra warming. In the course are warm jackets, knitted hats, scarves and, of course, knee-highs. After all, warm golfers best protect women's legs from the cold. Especially if their owner instead of practical jeans or warm pants put on a short skirt.
In this training step-by-step master class onKnitting we'll talk about how to tie a beautiful stylish model of female golfers. She will like not only experienced, but also novice craftsmen for the first time decided to try their hand at such a responsible business as knitting warm golfs.

Masterclass of knitting warm golf

In winter and late autumn it's very cold outside. Therefore, all women of fashion have to be warmed, refusing at the same time from their favorite shorts and short skirts. If in the cold season you do not want to give up the mini, you need stylish knitted socks. They not only perfectly warm in the cold, but also complement your image, making it more stylish, original and bright!

To connect such an unusual model of women's golfvery simple. Such a task will be in the hands of even novice craftsmen! In order to personally make beautiful, elegant knitted socks you will need:

  • Dense woolen or cotton yarn;
  • Knitting needles - 5 pcs .;
  • scissors;
  • hook;
  • Two schemes that will be demonstrated in this article.

Before you start creating a women's golf courseDescription create a small sample to determine the density of knitting. For beginner skilled workers, this will make work much easier. During the job description, the following abbreviations will be used:

  • Etc. - a loop;
  • Persons. - Facial;
  • Out. - purl4;
  • R. - row;
  • Chrome. - Edgeband.

We begin the training master class with a detailedA description of all actions. For knitting a pattern called "Krapinka" is used. It consists only of persons. R. To connect a beautiful tight fitting to the legs, you must first take measurements. It is necessary to measure the distance from the heel to the top of the shin, the length from the heel to the upper bend, and the width of its shin. The number of loops depends on these measurements. But, it must necessarily be divided into 4, since knitting golfers we will be on 4 spokes.
In this step-by-step master class,This is the number of loops to be distributed over 4 working knitting needles, so that each has 20 pieces. You type loops based on the measurements made! We knit according to the first scheme. We work based on the size of the shin. Having reached the part in which the product narrows, that is, by tying about 10 cm, according to the scheme, we loosen the loops. Until the end, having formed the area of ​​narrowing, we again knit, using the scheme for beginners. Having fastened the product to the heel, put the 2 and 3 spokes aside. We continue to work 1 and 4.
We perform the necessary height for the heel. We unite all items from 1 and 4 spokes. Perhaps, it's not a secret that the heel in golf clubs is wiped much faster than the rest of the product. Therefore, it must be condensed. To do this, you need to knit a heel according to the following scheme: chrome. We remove one person, perform one person., Remove 1 item, 1 we sew and so on until the end of the rally.
The next row, that is, the underside of the productAccording to the description we are knitting out. Etc. We do not remove the loop. For such a simple description for beginners we knit the entire height of the heel. That is about 4-7 cm.

At this stage of the master class, we need everythingLoop the loops between the 3 spokes. If you can not divide by 3, you can transfer a little more loops to the middle knitting needle. Begin to tie the p. From the central part and 1 side. The last loop is sewed together with 1 st in the second side. Turn the product over and continue knitting using the same pattern.
Gradually, the shape of the knitted heel will look likeA three-dimensional box. According to the description, we perform a reduction of n, until no loops remain on the side spokes. After the heel is ready to go to the formation of the sole.
From the side of future women's golf clubsWe sew additional loops from the edge. When knitting the upper side stems, we make the cuts according to the second scheme. Under this scheme, you need to tie up a piece of the product to the little finger. Next, the eyelets are closed: 2 pcs. In every ryadochke.
To compact the palm area it needsBind using the facial method. To the beginning skilled workers we told more in detail about it at the beginning of this training master class. To knit knee-length socks while wearing do not slip on top of the product, you can tighten the rubber with a hook.
Knitted socks knitting needles! We hope that this simple master class helped novice craftsmen to master the technique of knitting women's golf and now they will be able to please beautiful new clothes themselves and their loved ones!

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