Knitting on knitting needles of warm traces with a Norwegian pattern. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

Knitting on knitting needles of warm traces with a Norwegian pattern. Detailed diagram with photo and description for beginners

Knitting is the original way to show yourlove and care of people close to us. Since any thing that is bound on the knitting needles, which in the future will please others, will give all your love and affection to the future owner. knitted knitting needles. Photo №1 Everyone knows that it is important to keep your feet warmespecially on the eve of the winter, in this you will help a variety of methods of knitting tracks. This is a creative and pleasant work. Applying two or more shades of yarn to the knitting, you can easily change any model you like. Unusual product will give jacquard, Norwegian ornaments. knitted knitting needles. Photo # 2 The choice of yarn for the tracks depends entirely on theyour preferences. Many needlewomen, and even those who are only learning to knit, prefer to use specially colored fibers, forcing them to unusual original drawings. knitted knitting needles. Picture №3 Applying one of the most common techniquesknitting of the Norwegian pattern, you can tie beautiful and warm tracks that will warm your feet, thanks to a special weave of loops on the wrong side. The tracks, connected alone on knitting needles, will add to your home comfort, comfort and beauty. knitted knitting needles. Photo №4 To create warm traces with a Norwegian pattern we will need:

  • yarn, preferably 100% wool, two colors, take white and light gray;
  • knitting needles with a diameter of three and a half centimeters;
  • hook number three is useful for tying.

knitted knitting needles. Photo №5 Before you start the process of creatingyou need to determine the density of your knitting. If you tie a ten-by-ten-centimeter section with a Norwegian pattern, you have twenty-three loops per twenty-three rows, so we put thirty-one loops on the knitting needles with a light gray thread and we first knit a loop with a loop, then go to knitting a pattern. knitted knitting needles. Photo №6 Having connected forty four loops of the Norwegian pattern onscheme, pull the loop through the edge that is next to it. To the remaining twenty-nine loops we get the necessary quantity to get sixty loops on the spokes. We continue to knit in circular rows with an inset of the Norwegian pattern according to the scheme. knitted knitting needles. Photo №7 The loops are reduced simultaneously, as insoles, and on the top. At a distance of thirty-three rows of the upper part, we sew the front loops every next pair of loops. The other loops are tightened with a working thread, and we sew the heel with the same thread. The second trace is the same. As an ornament, the tracks can be sewn along the top edge of the crochet.