Knit knitting needles for women according to schemes - a fascinating, useful and simple

Knit knitting needles for women according to schemes - a fascinating, useful and simple

Knitting with knitting needles for women as a kindneedlework, has enjoyed immense popularity for many years. Knitting is, as a rule, not only one of the hobbies or the way to occupy yourself in your free time, but also the opportunity to look good under any circumstances, always and everywhere. You can almost do everything with your own hands. These are toys for kids, blankets and blankets, dresses, sweaters and tunics and much more. Also, knitwear has its own list of advantages. If we are talking about the elements of clothing, then they are:

  • comfortable;
  • elastic;
  • warm;
  • beautiful;
  • exclusive (you can add something to your model).

Plus, it's economical. Having the desire and willingness to exert a little effort, with our own hands we are able to create whole masterpieces, works of art. Cape-scarf. Knitting with knitting needles for women. Photo №1 This wonderful little thing will easily emphasize everythingdignity and hide the shortcomings of your figure. Such capes are relevant for many years. Changing colors, styles, but the essence is that they have one. Therefore, if you have such an acquisition in your wardrobe, you can rightfully consider yourself a fashionista. And if you have not had time to buy, then do not rush. I'll tell you how easy it is to make a scarf with your own hands in a short time. If you do everything right, according to my recommendations, then I can say with confidence that the result will pleasantly surprise you. So, let's get down to work: You need: 250 g yarn, two kinds of spokes: knitting needles No. 4 and No. 4,5. The size of the product is universal. That is, it will suit absolutely everything. For the upper part, we need to score 25 points, after which we continue to knit according to the scheme, which is provided below. For the bottom part we type 23 items and we also knit in the same way. To assemble, we connect the upper and lower parts of the cape, then the upper part is passed through the hole, after which the edges that remain are also to be joined. Knitting with knitting needles for women. Photo # 2 Knitting with knitting needles for women. Picture №3 The scarf is ready. I hope you are satisfied with the end result. Unusual openwork pareo. Knitting with knitting needles for women. Photo №4 Pareos (still called sarongs), as a rule,will look appropriate, during the summer holidays. In fact, this detail of the wardrobe can facilitate the life of any of the women. After all, if you have a pareo, then you do not need to load a suitcase with different sarafans, tops, shorts, etc. Naturally, this is not the kind of thing you can apply for a trip to a restaurant, a party or a date, but for the beach - it's an ideal option. Basically, it is chosen for the color of the swimsuit, also on the shelves of shops you can find ready-made kits. It will help you look unusual, mysterious and attractive. You will need: yarn - 850 g, knitting needles 5,5, hook number 5. Size: 80 х 170 cm. Openwork pattern: we knit according to the scheme, which is given below. We must start with 1 kilo., As well as with loops before rapport, after which we need to repeat the rapport and only then we can end with the loops after the rapport. We repeat 1-8 rows. We dial 129 points and knit with an openwork pattern, which has already been described above. When 170 cm is tied, all hinges must be closed. In the end, we tie all edges with 1 circular row (crochet). The product is ready. Soon you will be able to defile in it, battling everyone on the spot. Below in the photo you will find other interesting knitted female products that will decorate any woman, complement her image and update the wardrobe. Knitting with knitting needles for women. Photo №5