A knitted knitted scarf for a friend. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

A knitted knitted scarf for a friend. Detailed diagram with description and photo for beginners

So long I have not seen my girlfriend: I live in another city, cares, business. But here it was a chance to visit their native places. Of course, I can not visit my girlfriend! I thought for a long time what to give her. And, I believe, there is nothing better than a gift made by own hands. How wonderful that I know how to knit! How many kind words did I hear from those to whom I gave things that were bound by my own hands. I decided to tie my dear friend to the knitting needles with a warm scarf-snod. While I'm knitting, I'll remember all the best, the funniest thing that happened to us over the long years of friendship! I dream about the good! And let her warm my scarf and good thoughts about her!knitted scarf-snud for a friend. Photo №1 If you, like me, want to please a loved oneman a warm gift, join us! After all, every knitted thing is a confession to the one for whom you are knitting, how precious it is to you. Let's tie together a warm scarf-snod and tell our dear people this gesture, how we treasure them! In order to tie a scarf-snack, size 90 x 50 cm, you will need:

  • 250 g of Beige Mélange yarn Nature (46% merino wool, 28% viscose, 12% cotton, 7% alpaca, 7% royal mohair, 100 m / 5-0 g). Or another yarn that you like best.
  • Circular knitting needles № 7.
  • Additional spoke (we need it to create a pattern with braids).knitted scarf-snud for a friend. Photo # 2

Let's start knitting:

  • We dial 143 loops.
  • Our scarf will be with a pattern of braids and, to create a pattern, proceed with the 1st row. From the 1st to the 10th row we alternate 8 purl / 5 facial.
  • We line the 11th row according to the following scheme: 3 purl loops, 5 loops left on extra spoke before work. We impose 5 loops viscous viscous, then return to the loops on the auxiliary spokes and tie them with the wrong side. Then we sew according to the scheme 3 purl / 5 facial / 5 purl loops.
  • We repeat the scheme of item 3 from the 12th to the 22nd series. knitted scarf-snud for a friend. Picture №3
  • The 23rd row is knitted according to the scheme of 3 purlins, 5 loopsleave on the auxiliary loop at work. The next 5 stitches are inverted, then we sew the loops from the auxiliary knitting needle viscous. After the pattern, we alternate the loops according to the scheme: 8 purlins / 5 facial loops.
  • Repeat the scheme from the 1st to the 24th series. knitted scarf-snud for a friend. Photo №4
  • After 50 cm - the 10th row after the last twisting - all the loops are free to close.
  • Finish the finished product and dry it.
  • The gift is ready, I will hurry to my friend with the joyful thought that he will warm her with cold days and remind her of our friendship.