Knitting with needles kit for newborns "Camomile Field". Diagrams with photos and descriptions

Knitting with needles kit for newborns "Camomile Field". Diagrams with photos and descriptions

Try tying on an unusual knitting needlefor your newborn. It includes a cozy and warm pullover, comfortable panties and beautiful socks. Our scheme will help you to easily connect this wonderful kit. knitted needles kit for newborn. Dimensions: 62/68 (74/80) We will need: light green yarn 200 (250) g, white - 150 g, 100 g yellow and black, as well as red yarn (100% cotton, density 125 m / 50 g); ordinary knitting needles, as well as a set of five spokes No. 3 and No. 3.5; hook number 3; six buttons and elastic braid. Elastic: knit alternately with normal knitting needles # 3 one face and one back loop. All other patterns are knitted on knitting needles No. 3.5. Facial smoothness: facial rows knit with facial loops, and purl - with purl. In the circular rows knit with facial loops. Grooming: we knit the front and the back rows with facial loops. Flower: knit by facial smoothness according to the counting scheme. And while all the colored areas are knit from a separate tangle and when the color changes, we cross the threads along the wrong side of our work, so that no holes appear. We embroider the rock with a red thread with a stitch suture. Strip alternation, facial smoothness: we knit alternately four rows of white and light green. Chamomiles: we perform for the middle one yellow "bump". To do this, we loosen five loops from one loop (alternately 1 front, 1 facial crossed). Turn the work, 5 purl, rotate, 5 facial, and turn again. 5 out., Turn, we sew 5 loops together face. For one petal, crochet a thread of white color chain of six air loops and bind from it 5 tbsp. б / н, and then one loop б / н in the top part and we tie the other side of the chain similarly to 5 st. b / n. Each of the chamomiles consists of five petals with one knob. Knitting density: 22 p. X 32 cm = 10 x 10 cm. knitted needles kit for newborn.


Back: we collect 124 (140) loops with a yellow thread and knit for the bottom frill four rows of garter stitch, four rows of facial smoothness of light green. And 4 r. facial smoothness of yellow, and, while in the penultimate row we sew two loops together face-to-face - 62 (70) loops. We continue to knit a light-green thread with a facial smoothness, while in 0 (1) cm from the frill we begin to perform a flower on all the loops (cp 62 p.). After 27 cm = 82 rows (29 cm = 88 rows) from the frill, we continue to knit the elastic band with a yellow string. After 1 cm, three edges of the edge recede from both sides. And then two times with an interval of four loops we sew for the holes for the buttons two hinges together face and make a cape. And at the height of the bar in two centimeters we close all the resulting loops. Before: start knitting as a back. But we continue to knit after the frill with the facial smoothness of a thread of light green color and perform for chamomile "shishechki." We distribute from the middle of the "knob", displacing them in each 16 rows as depicted in the figure. After 24 (26) cm from the frill we put the middle 10 loops for the neck cut on both sides and knit separately. Set aside for rounding from the inner edge in each second row 1 x 3, 1 x 2 and 2 x 1 n. After 27 (29) cm from the frill we knit all the loops with a yellow thread with a rubber band, and at the same time, with each side four loops. And at the height of the bar in two centimeters we close all the loops. The left sleeve: we collect neither 36 (40) loops of a thread of light green color and we connect for the strip four rows of facial smoothness. One of the front rows is knitted with purl and five rows of facial smoothness. Then we knit in this sequence. For the bevels of the sleeve, we add 10 x 1 n. = 56 (60) loops from two sides in each fourth row. After 14 cm from the bar all the hinges are closed with the right sleeve: we knit, like the left one, but after knitting we knit a light-green color with the facial smoothness and perform for chamomile. We distribute them from the middle and move them in every 12 rows. Assembling: we sew the petals of the daisies around the "shishik". Also we sew buttons on the front arms of the shoulder and fasten them to the buttons. We make the seams, while leaving the top 12.5 (13.5) cm on the side seams open for the armhole. We sew up our sleeves. knitted needles kit for newborn.


Left trousers: a string of light green color we collect 36 (40) loops and bind for the bottom bar five rows of facial smoothness. One purl series is knitted with facial loops and five rows of faces. smooth. Then we knit in this order, adding in the first row eight loops = 44 (48) loops. For side bevels, we add 8 (11) x 1 in each second row on both sides and 2 x 2 and 3 x 1 n = 56 (64) loops in each fourth row. At the height of 20 (22) cm, we connect the light green thread for the upper bar with one purl and eight rows of facial smoothness. Then we close all the loops. Right trouser leg: we knit the same, but after knitting we knit the front surface with a light green thread and after 7 cm from the bottom bar we perform one knob. Assembly: perform the seams of chamomile. We turn the straps inwards in half and sew, and also pull the elastic strap into the upper bar. knitted needles kit for newborn.


Job: we type on knitting needles a yellow thread 32 (36) loops and we enclose them in a circle. We knit two centimeters of elastic band, and then we sew with the front surface. After 3 (4) cm from the elastic we start to weave on the half of the loops (the first and fourth spokes) the heel with straight and reverse rows. We put one loop at the end of each row until we have six loops left. Then, at the end of the row, we sew one loop with the one laid aside and turn it with one overhang. We wire the nakid in the next row with the next loop together with facial cramps. We finish the heel after all the loops are left on one spoke. We continue to knit with the facial smoothness on all the loops. After 4 (5) cm from the heel, we subtract the buttonhole loops in each second row in this way: we bind 1 and 3 of the hinges 3 and 2 of the hinge from the end together by pulling (we remove one loop as front, then we knit one face loop and pull it through the removed hinge ), then the last loop we sew the faces. The second and fourth needles: the first loop is tied with the front one, and the next two are tied together with the facial ones. The remaining eight loops are tightened with a working thread and sewed.