Knitting with knitting needles for men with patterns with descriptions

Knitting with knitting needles for men with patterns with descriptions


In this lesson we will try to tell you why it is so popular
An element of clothing called a shirt-shirt, like herTie, and how to wear it properly. To begin with, we will find out what is barnacle for men. Then we will understand what the approximate scheme of knitting, as well as give a description of the work.

Any man's shirt, it's just a knitted scarf,Which has the shape of a collar. Such an unusual form of a warm man's scarf has been fashionable for a very long time, and remains in demand in our time. Long-lasting popularity of shirt-front for men is due to its extreme convenience. This male scarf is the top of a warm winter sweater that fits tightly around your throat and shoulders, protects us from frost and wind. Such a man's accessory does not have to be wrapped around the neck, trying to successfully lay and tie it. He just puts it over his head, and comfortably lies on his shoulders, while simultaneously warming and protecting the man's throat and shoulders.

In this photo you see knitting the most simpleShirt for men. Such rough knitting is most suitable for men. For needlework, the easiest scheme is used, which is easy to link, even for beginners. For such a dense, strictly laconic pattern, there is a fairly simple description and diagram. We will measure the circumference of the neck of a man, and execute a pattern for calculating the density of knitting. Then determine the number of required loops (P), and make them a set. For an adult male, the kit can range from sixty to eighty units. The pattern of an elastic band for three to three will require the presence of a multiple of three. Knitting of this male model is carried out with knitting needles from above. First you need to connect the throat zone with an elastic band 3x3. Having reached the required length, we begin to knit with the knitting needles of the product. In order to properly connect the bottom of the male shirt-front, it is necessary to add the number of units. To do this, on each of the spokes, add 1 loop at the beginning of the row. Add in every sixth row. This knitting is performed with knitting needles until the desired length of the male shirt front is reached, after which P is closed, and we tie the edges with a hook.

Types of bunnies

Any shirt with knitting needles with success will replace the mostChic of scarves. Knitting this accessory for men has some features. Now we will make a description of these small differences. In general, the pattern of knitting almost does not differ from the female models.

These menswear items are usually carried outSomewhat rougher than female or children's models. To tie a man's accessory, most often use a pattern of a rubber band, or a string. If you do not need to present the rubber, then the example of the pattern "Ropes" you will see in the photo below.

Sometimes the wizards choose knitting shaders to facilitate the addition of P for the expansion of the canvas.

In addition to the stocking spokes mentioned earlier,
. These knitting needles are knit from above, from the throat,Carrying it with an elastic band or string. For an average product, you need to collect about eighty loops. The first three rows should preferably be knitted with spokes facing the face, and then start the main pattern. The choice of the type of the main pattern depends only on your personal taste. The scheme requires knitting the neck to the desired length, after which the addition of P begins at the places where the facial paths pass. Additions are made from broaches in the place of the facial tracks, one per track. Going to the next row after the additions, do not forget to tie them with the wrong loops, otherwise unwanted holes are formed there. It should be noted that for the male front man a somewhat peculiar form of cloth should be formed. It differs in that it has an elongated front part. In it, there must be a certain characteristic characterizing men. You can achieve it by applying a soft color of thread, a rough tight knit, where the thread is thicker than the spokes on the floor of the room. Also perfect is melange yarn, or painted with sections.

To lengthen the knitted front partYou need to perform the throat and shoulder area, then close three quarters of the total, leaving the front part on the chest in work. Then you can knit the length of the shirttower in the shape of a rectangle, or reduce the P. If you decrease the P, you will get another shape, slightly truncated, semicircular or triangular, as in the photo below.

The whole point is, what is the scheme of the shirt-front to you moreTotal is suitable. If you are knitting on a rectangle in the chest zone, make it about twenty-five centimeters wide, and twenty centimeters long. When the length is connected, close the most recent row of loops. If you like the more elastic edge of the canvas, then it is best to tie it together with a pattern "Rope".

Video master-class for beginners

To better understand the material of knitting for menYou are offered a video master class, as well as a scheme of work. For needlework, prepare the knitting needles number three and thick yarn so that the product will turn out to be warm and elastic. The back and shoulder zones of the accessory are connected by an elastic band 1x1, the front part by the facial smoothness, and the whole product is made of raglan, where the number of loops is increased. In front there is also a longitudinal tourniquet. The number P must be a multiple of four, plus two edge. The height of the gate you determine at will. We make a set of sixty-two knitting needles, and knit the neck with an elastic band. Having connected the required length of the gum, go to the implementation of the shoulder zone. To do this, divide the units into four parts, fifteen pieces each. On the border between these loops the raglan line will pass, so there we will perform two out of one P.
In the next purl series
Purl P, and the rest according to the figure. Next is the next front row, where in the raglan zone it is necessary to make additions. These additions are made from broaches that rise on the spoke, and knit along the pattern of the gum. The Raglan line can be arranged as you like, but in this master class it is designed exactly as shown in the video. In the zone of the front shelf we knit a strip of garter stitch, in order to decorate the embroidering tourniquet thereafter. Additions are made in each row, directly near the edge, as well as in the place of the line of raglan. As the length of the canvas grows, the line of raglan begins to appear, and the width of the canvas increases, the back, front shelf and shoulders are formed. On the front shelf, it is necessary to connect the decorating bundle, which is formed with the help of removed and transferred hinges. After tying up the shirt front to the desired length, we will close a part of the loops on the front side, not reaching the line of the raglan of the front shelf. Next, we finish the series without adding, and turn the canvas. Then we close the loops of the second shoulder, and knit the front shelf according to the drawing. On the front side of the front shelf do a few reduction on the line of raglan. Having tied the front shelf almost to the harness, we will close all the loops. Now it only remains to sew

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