Knitting slippers with knitting needles with description: master class (photo)

Knitting slippers with knitting needles with description: master class (photo)


Many beginners are interested in the question ofHow to make slippers with your own hands. And this is understandable, because it is in the slippers so it is convenient to move around the house when it's cold outside, and the floor in the apartment is not equipped with a heating system.
Today we offer you with the help of our masterClass to master the technique of knitting female slippers. The knitting pattern for this kind of home footwear is quite easy, so even a novice craftswoman who has recently picked up knitting needles can easily create comfortable and practical knitted slippers for herself or her loved ones.

Master-class knitting of slippers

This master class is primarily designed forBeginning needlewomen, who are interested in how you can manually connect a simple model of home slippers. We picked up the easiest description of knitting techniques and hope that with the help of our master class you will be able to tie warm and beautiful shoes for the house.

Before we begin to study the description of the process of creating knitted sneakers, we advise you to prepare everything you need to work:

  • 2 spokes;
  • Acrylic or woolen threads - two different colors;
  • scissors;
  • hook;
  • Ruler.

The size of the hook and spokes depends on whatThe thicknesses are the threads you selected. Due to the fact that the sneakers, as a rule, are worn in the cold season and, therefore, should be quite warm, we recommend that you take a thread of medium thickness.
In this master class, some abbreviations will be used, so we advise you to familiarize yourself with them in advance:

  • loop - n .;
  • Series - p.

We start the master class with a detailed descriptionKnitting techniques for home slippers. Take 2 knitting needles and dial 10 points on them. Gently pull out one spoke. Perform faces. Item 16 р. As a result, you should get an even square - 6X6 cm.

Type 19 spokes with spokes. Thus carefully watch that the size of loops was identical. Perhaps, a novice needlewoman who has just learned the basics of knitting with knitting needles will find it difficult to achieve the desired result from the first time, but do not despair! A little effort and you will definitely get beautiful knitted slippers. Next, we knit another 6 cm or 16 r.
Now we close 9 points on the left side, and add 9 more points to the right. We knit 16 rubles. And close the remaining loops. Further, without changing the scheme, it is necessary to connect a symmetrical workpiece for the second female sneaker.

The main feature of this model is thatInitially it is tied without a seam. And only after both canvases for female slippers are ready to process them crochet. For this, a technique called "step-wise step" is used. First, the canvas folds, as shown in the photo. And then it is tied with threads of a different color. In this first of all, this way you need to tie the sock at the home slipper.
After the sock of the female sneakers is dueThe main part of them is tied up. Next, heel the heel. In this case, separately, it should be noted that, in addition to the heel, the tongue of female slippers is also tied.

The final stage of this master class is the processing of the back of the female slipper. Home slippers are almost ready, you just need to process the second sneaker using the same scheme.
And after that you can immediately wear warm and comfortable slippers made by yourself.

By the same scheme it is easy to make more bright home slippers. Such as, for example, in this photo.

To learn how to knit slippers with your own hands youYou can also view a small video, which details the entire process of creating them. In this clip, the process of step-by-step knitting of house slippers with knitting needles is described in detail. The model is quite simple, so it is ideal for beginners who have recently mastered all the subtleties of knitting.

Video: Slippers for needles home

Photo masterclass knitting sneakers