Knitting needles socks slippers for photos and videos master class

Knitting needles socks slippers for photos and videos master class


Virtually all needlewomen with experience inManufacture of products with knitting needles, knit all sorts of socks, as well as socks slippers for family members. Home knitted socks and sneakers are perfect for children, women and men, without the restriction of sex and age. They are extremely comfortable, very warm and practical, and therefore enjoy great popularity among knitters. This only at first glance, knitted socks and slippers are the same. In the course of the lesson, you will see that this is far from the case. Socks we often knit in a circular fashion, with five knitting needles. But there is also another technique of knitting
. It all depends on your personal taste andPreferences. Numerous techniques are known, by which we knit slippers for the home. Now we will start to consider some interesting variants of such knitting with the description of the work.

Home socks with two knitting needles

These cute socks for women we knit on twoKnitting needles number three. We collect forty-nine loops (II) with knitting needles, after which we knit thirty rows (P) with an elastic band 1x1. Central P mark a contrasting thread. In front P from one central P we knit five units, alternating the facial loops (LP) and nakidy. Even inferior P are executed according to the figure. For the thirty-seventh size of socks, you will need ninety-seven loops. Having tied up to this quantity, we continue to knit with garter stitch the next six rows. Next, we begin to implement the sole of the sock, like a heel, on thirteen loops.

Socks for home slippers on two knitting needles

These original home socks slippers forWomen and girls are knitted according to the following description of the work. We will make knitted socks a sneaker of the thirty-ninth size, and for them we will perform loop calculations.

To tie another sock size, you're justYou will have to decrease or increase the length of the set edge. We do other operations in the same way as in the present master class. Seven medium-toe nasal zone socks slippers, if desired, decorate the pattern with a pigtail or holes. We make a set II in a quantity of sixty-seven units. Next, we perform four P with an ordinary 1x1 elastic band. In the fifth R we knit the edge, twenty-nine LP, the cape, the seven LP, the cape, the twenty-nine PL, the edge. The sixth and all purl even rows are performed solely with the back loops (IP). The next seventh, as well as the facial odd P, will knit the LP, with the capes before and after the seven middle P. We use this technique until along the edges of the seven middle P we find forty units. This knitting should be twenty rows.

We begin to perform the sole. We knit thirty-seven units (with a loop loop), then twelve LPs. After them, the thirteenth and fourteenth P will be tied together. Turning the canvas on the wrong side, we will continue the following twelve units, and the next two will be joined together. In this technique, we will continue to knit a sock. As you can see, this knitting corresponds to the heel of the sock. We will work until there are only thirteen units on the spokes. Now the photo will show you the kind of sock from the top.

On the next photo you see the kind of sock from the bottom.

Now it remains to tie the heel of the toe. We will put on the edge the edge P of the left part, and we will connect twelve LPs, and the next two together.

Turn the sock, and we will do the same operation with the right edge of the right edge. After that we continue to do the work until there are thirteen units on the spokes.

Original slippers from squares

To connect the original model of socks slippers from the squares, you need two hundred grams of yarn, and needles number three. It is advisable to have threads of two different shades, so that the sneaker socks are beautiful.
For one
Eight squares garter stitch. The size of one square is eighteen P horizontally, and thirty P vertically.

Connect the squares with a conventional needle, that is, sew over the edge loops.

The upper part is crocheted. The main thing when tying the straps is to match the threads that match the color. Slippers come out very warm and comfortable.

Video masterclass on knitting homemade slippers

Warm and comfortable socks slippers for women fromThis video knit quite simply. Prepare acrylic threads, spokes number two and a half, markers and a needle. We will pick up sixty-six loops with black thread, and knit according to the scheme that is available on the video. The first two P are knitted by facial P. All the even rows are also performed with the help of LP. The odd Ps are knitted in accordance with the scheme. Having copied all the ten P by the appropriate scheme, we continue to work first with a black thread, and then with a blue thread. We knit with black color LP, and turquoise back purple P. Then we start to perform a two-color pattern using the removed P. Rapport color pattern is four P, and from the fifth it repeats again. We must tie four such rapports, that is, sixteen rows. Then we knit the two P with a black thread, using for this facial P. After this, proceed to perform the nasal zone, dividing all the P as shown in the video.

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