Knitting with knitting sweaters for men with detailed work progress

Knitting with knitting sweaters for men with detailed work progress


Knitting for men is much easier than creatingFemale models. Here and the shapes are simpler, no need to untying complex patterns. Any beginner needlewoman can tie her favorite clothes for the winter. But if you want to make a real present for a man - try to tie a sweater for him, for example, the hero of the movie "Brother-2" Danila Bagrov.
This model conquers with its deliberate simplicity, andAs is now customary to say, brutality. But in fact, it is not so easy to tie such a man's sweater with knitting needles. First, any clothes of cult characters are not provided with descriptions, and there is no scheme for them, they usually do not conduct master classes on their creation. Secondly, this sweater has a few subtleties, in which you will have to carefully and carefully tie it. And you will learn about them in this article.

Male sweater with knitting needles

So, the main fabric of the sweater is tied
. This is also not the easiest pattern. Even with a schema to it and a description, you need to know one more trick. In this image, facial loops are made only in the classical way, if knit "grandmother's" method, nothing happens, the picture does not work out. It is also clear on the classic should do and kakady.
The sleeves and the bottom of the product are bound with an ordinary rubber band 2x2. There are no complications, moreover, after such an "entry", it is not necessary to add loops when going to the main cloth from below.
But with a collar you need to tinker a bit. It is knitted as well as the bottom of the sweater and cuff. It does not even need a diagram. Description of the work is simple: 2LP alternating with 2P, on the wrong side: over the face knit facial, over the purlins - IP. Here the gate is wide. Have to add a little around the edges, trying not to break the picture. And the very form of the neck is uneven. Ahead is an incision, and slats are inserted. We tie them separately, each strip will turn out to be only eight rows, then we grind them off and afterwards we already type the collar.

In fact, there are no pro-marks under the button on the sweater. This is just an ornament. We can do without it.
Another nice subtlety. Knitting for men involves in most cases
. But this sweater is knit with the usual method, this style is also called raglan cut. It is more convenient to knit not from above, but from below, according to the classical scheme, adding one point in each side on every sixth river.
Also for this particular model you do not need to doOn the basic details of the sweater indentation under the armhole, it will be deflated. Back and front of the sweater, according to the scheme, look like regular rectangles.
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Progress of work Now let's make a description of howKnit knitting sweaters for men, if this is a model from the famous film. You will need thick beige threads, the length is not more than 200 m. In 100 grams. Yarn composition: 50% wool and the same acrylic, you can take the thread, where 60% acrylic. Needles% 4:

  • Back of the product: we collect 112 items and we knit 14 rubles. Elastic. We pass to the English openwork and we sew another 60 cm. We tie 36p above the top without taking into account the edge edges (see the top of the diagram), close 36p and the second shelf-38p. To remove in 4 r. 4 points on each side;
  • Knit the front part to the neck. Here we go 54 cm then 52p. 8, close and knit the second half. In the last 8 r. Remove 8 points on each side;
  • Straps. 14 p., Elastic, 8 p. You can immediately sew them;
  • collar. 80 pcs. + 2 edges. Knit as a bottom or cuffs - 16 cm. Add on the course of work on 3p. From the sides;

  • Sleeve: 60 pcs. Wrap cuffs - 14 rows. Then add in the first row the main mating 1 st in each side. And then, according to the scheme, knit 50 cm, gradually increasing the canvas;
  • When you have untied all the details, checking the outline and description, it remains to assemble a sweater for men, steal and a chic gift for the beloved is ready.

There is an opportunity to simplify the process a little. If you know how to work with a long crochet. Planks can be tied in at once, typing along the throat line of the loop with a long hook and immediately tying the collar, so the seam will look neater.

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We knit a sweater according to the magazine