Knitting needles for summer models for women in 2014. Knitting Patterns 2014 will help you always stay in fashion

Knitting needles for summer models for women in 2014. Knitting Patterns 2014 will help you always stay in fashion

Despite the fact that traditionally knitted productsrefer to the cold seasons, modern summer fashion can not do without knitted things. Collections from the leaders of the fashion industry include both traditional items knitted with knitting needles wardrobe, and new, non-standard solutions. Let's get acquainted with the most interesting trends of the knitted fashion of summer - 2014. Knitting needles for summer models for women in 2014. Knitting Patterns 2014 will help you always stay in fashion. Photo №1

  • Classic summer topic.
  • Bright and weightless, elegant and daring, knittedknitting needles are created especially for mischievous and hot summer. In this season, the topic-bustier, tight in the upper part and the most openwork in the lower part acquires great popularity.

  • Knitted tunic.
  • The perfect outfit for the summer is a delicate knitted tunic. Fashion designers advise in this season to pay attention to the mini, so that the tunic can be worn as a short dress, or complement it with shorts.

  • Shorts.
  • The trend of the summer season were knitted shorts,which even eclipsed the traditional denim. Intricate patterns of knitted shorts draw attention to this part of the wardrobe, and the use of a solid color of solid color negates the effect of nudity, while emphasizing the tan.

  • Accessories.
  • Many famous fashion designers turned their attention this season to sunny Italy. Tribute to the Mediterranean image was a variety of knitted earrings and head bandages.

  • Knitted swimsuit.
  • Well, of course, the favorite of this summer is knittedknitting swimsuit! Original, unusual, daring, is there a woman who can refuse such a miracle? Moreover, it is quite possible to create it yourself. Let's try to tie together the separateswimsuit. It's quite simple, well, and with a little tricks knitting swimsuits, we'll now introduce you. 1) Yarn with elastane is suitable for knitted swimsuits: when folded, it "settles" up to 30%. Consider this when knitting! Pay attention to yarn "bamboo stretch" from Kamteks - this is an excellent option for a bathing suit. It is thinner than the similar "cotton stretch" and at the same time it dries very fast. You can also try the "Sofist" threads from Yarn Art or "Lara" from Alize - all these are stretch yarns that will keep the shape of the product. 2) Whatever the elastic yarn, be sure to tie the elastic band into the edges of the product - this will give it a clear form. Here, in fact, and all the secrets. And now we start to work. For a bathing suit you need about 250 grams of yarn, needle 4, elastic band and bones for bust. The main figure is the surface of the face. Pattern for frills, ties and sleeves: First row. Two out., One loop to remove the faces., Next we knit the faces. and stretch through it removed, one cape, one obverse. Repeat, finish the series with two purlins. Even ranks. We knit the loops according to the figure, we knit the naces with purl. Third row. Two out., One face., One cape, two face-to-face. Repeat, finish the series with two purlins. Panties and bra knit on a pattern,drawing - the surface of the surface. On the bevels and at the top of the panties, a double elastic band is knitted, into which an elastic band is then inserted. The front part of the panties is knitted from the bottom, beginning with the open hinges, on which then the rear part is similarly knitted. Cups of a bra also knit smooth, with a double rubber band on the armhole and neckline. The back part is knitted with a double rubber band. For the insertion of the bones, lower the calyx and bend it with a hidden seam. Assembly. Sew the details, attach the frill to the panties and ties - to the bust cups. The product can not be stripped, but immediately tested in the sea or on the river! Good luck and joy from your new model!