Knitting scarves with knitting needles with different patterns (patterns with description)

Knitting scarves with knitting needles with different patterns (patterns with description)


Women always try to look unique. Uniqueness is easy to create with the help of needlework. Knitting is the most popular topic not only for women, but also for men who want to look spectacular.
For beginners knitters the best way to getExperience is to tie a scarf. With the help of such a simple thing, you can gain confidence and learn to use knitting needles. Any image immediately becomes complete, if the complement is the original knitted scarf. Scarves knit on the fork, knitting needles, crochet. For women, this wardrobe is attractive in that it is possible to tie not only a dense winter model, but also an openwork airy summer scarf.

Types of scarves

How to tie a scarf to make it a successful addition? Modern versions of knitted scarves for the beautiful half are very diverse. Knitted scarves are different:

  • Knitting techniques;
  • The texture of the yarn;
  • Length of the product;
  • A variety of drawings.

Among the most popular models - scarves, yokes, "pipe", transformers. Original scarves look,
Different diameters. Knitting scarves for women with knitting needles can become not only a fad, but also an opportunity to increase the number of friends and income.
Practical nuances Link a stylish modelIt will be even for those women who first took up the knitting needles. Even for beginners knitters, simple knitting technology will help you acquire valuable skills. Those who already have an idea of ​​the front, back and edge loops, you can knit and more complex models. The main advantages of knitting scarves with knitting needles are that you do not need to build a pattern, do a loop calculation and sew a product. Just need to carefully read the description, follow recommendations, monitor the loops (do not miss) and show a little perseverance and patience. It is very useful to watch the video with a detailed explanation of each operation.

Before you start knitting scarves for women, you should:

  • Determine the parameters of the product. The most practical is the width of 12 to 35 centimeters. But the length can be chosen in the range from one meter to 2.5 and more;
  • Select the thread, depending on the season, forWhich is knitted a scarf. They can be of different color and thickness. This will give a unique charm to the ready scarf. With the help of color diversity for women, it is possible to combine pictures or smoothly move from one tone to another. Yarn is better to choose a pleasant to the touch. The thickness of a big role does not play, but the touch of the scarf to the neck and face should be comfortable;
  • Pick up a drawing. For beginners, this is not necessary. It is enough to tie the scarf double-sided viscous to get a new thing with a twist (without the wrong side). The easiest way to consider a dress code. But it can also be varied with the help of spokes of different thicknesses. For this, knit ten rows with thinner knitting needles, then thick or medium knives, and so on.

If you add fantasy to each stage, the models will be very unusual and stylish.

Video: Lesson of knitting simple scarf

Choose a pattern

To tie a fashionable scarf with knitting needles,Be sure to be a knitter with experience. First, select the exact width to determine the number of loops (hereinafter abbreviated P). For a narrow scarf, you need a little P, especially if the yarn is thick enough. To get a wide palatine for women, and also in the presence of fine yarn, the spokes will need to recruit a lot more.
The choice of the pattern is the second crucial moment. When knitting scarves for women are suitable:

  • Almost all types of rubber bands (uniformAlternating purl and facial P). Combine not only the same amount (2 x 2, 3 x 3), but also different. The choice of knitting patterns is strictly individual. The Polish rubber band is presented in the photo;
  • Openwork drawings. For knitting scarves for women, not all schemes of ruffles are suitable. If at once it is not very clear how the finished product will look, it is better to tie the sample;

  • Plaits, braids, relief weaves. Good looking bilateral reliefs. Otherwise, you will have to carefully monitor the placement of the product, so that the wrong side does not spoil the appearance;
  • Jacquard patterns. Fashionable trend in needlework. More suitable for experienced knitters. Beginner masters can cause difficulties in working with different threads. The process of creating knitted scarves with this pattern will require skill to perform weave on the wrong side so that the product looks neat. The patterns of jacquard patterns differ in their complexity. If desired, several options can be chosen more simple;

  • Lazy patterns. The best option is to tie beautiful female scarves without having much experience.

For high-quality performance of lazy patterns you will need:

  • The ability to choose a combination of colors;
  • Attentiveness when tying and removing P.

Otherwise, lazy patterns are very beneficial for knitter-beginners in its simplicity of execution and spectacular view.

Useful tips for beginnersMeet the requirements, learn a detailed description of how to tie a scarf with knitting needles or watch a video on our website. Then, following the instructions, follow the recommendations. Knitting a scarf with knitting needles is a creative and fascinating process.

First choose yarn. Here everything depends on the season for which the knitted scarf is intended, and also on the taste of its future owner. Then, for the selected yarn need spokes of a certain size. It is advisable to adhere to the diameter indicated on the label of the thread. But, if you take the knitting needles a bit thicker, then the model will be more elastic. But smaller diameter is not recommended. Appearance and quality of the product may deteriorate.
The next step is to describe the choice of the pattern. Schemes can be found in magazines on knitting, on sites on the Internet or from familiar knitters. After this, you can determine the number of P for the set. If the figure does not indicate the number P, then its value depends on the desired width of the scarf. The set P is done in the usual way.
But, with certain skills, knitted womenScarves can be greatly diversified. Now you need to carefully knit the pattern, even if it's a simple rubber band. Any missed or inaccurately bound P can make the scarf look untidy. The edge of the product is the most important part. It is constantly in sight, different patterns and matings require their own specific method of binding the edge. For beginners, it will be enough to monitor the tying of a new thread. When the thread ends, a new one is tied at the edge, but not in the middle of the canvas.

After the desired length, close the hinges. This can be done with the help of spokes or hooks. And in conclusion, it is necessary to conduct a wet treatment. The cloth is straightened, pierced on a soft base. Using a spray gun, moisten the product and leave until completely dry. Now the scarf has a neat appearance and can be carried with pleasure.
Knitted scarves with knitting needles - comfortable and popularPart of the women's wardrobe. Therefore, it is worth to try their hand at even those who have never had a spoke before. The video about the simplest way to unscrew the scarf can be seen at the end of the article.

Video: Knitting a scarf for beginners