Knitting with hippocampus for home interior

Knitting with hippocampus for home interior


In the cities, not all have preserved rare grandmother's chests, maybe in the villages there is a chance to find such values, items of dowry that young girls created at the beginning of the last century.
Knitting for home was just as essentialPart of housekeeping as cooking and keeping the house clean. Maybe someone from urban residents was lucky to keep in his hands an inheritance from a grandmother or great-grandmother made by her hands. For example, crocheted tablecloths and napkins, sheets trimmed along the edge of openwork patterns, magnificent blankets, bedspreads and even white curtains that starch to give them a beautiful shape.

Every girl in those not-so-distant times,Should have been able to do handicrafts. To ennoble your house with a creative approach, bring comfort and zest to short life, and with the help of simple objects created by your own hands, pass from generation to generation the skill of knitting and crocheting.

Fresh ideas for the interior

Today, most seek to individual style and depart from the generally accepted rules, developing the design of their living quarters.
Among the fashionable directions - vintage, rusticAnd the original loft style. Such designer interiors mean handicrafts, and if the hostess has certain skills, she can independently introduce into her house a note of original comfort and warmth.

Knitting for home is not just pleasantAn occupation that brings magnificent products to the surrounding space is a wonderful therapy, soothing nerves and bringing thoughts into order. Most needlewomen say that for knitting they forget about all the problems and the relations in the family are always in harmony and balance with the craftsmen.
A magnificent panorama of canvas made from linen, made by own hands and decorated with knitted flowers, will become the central decoration of any room if it is made in the color scheme of the surrounding interior.
For the manufacture of knitted interior decorationIt is enough to have a basis, it can be a picture of a green meadow printed on thick paper. Remains of threads, buttons, ribbons for stems and a gun with hot glue. A magnificent picture can be made for a couple of evenings, it remains only to persuade her husband to nail a nail for a new knitted masterpiece.

Ideas for home creativity can be gleaned fromInternet sources, from glossy magazines, but it is best to bring your personal fantasies to the interior, which will become a real pride of the skilful hostess.
One of the examples of the creative approach, when the couple built a dacha and decided to make their own furniture and knitted soft furnishings with their own hands.
Ideas came by themselves, from the remains of building materials and grandmother's balls, a magnificent set of stools for the kitchen and veranda was born.

Many needlewomen created originalCrafts for themselves and did it with a soul, it turned out so well that inquiries were received, and whether you would make the same knitted interior wonder for a neighbor. As a result, home-made needlework turned into a small business, and the housewife had a stable income.
For the children's room, the same spouses made soft crocheted cushions-cloaks in the form of animals.

Hook connected three simple parts, according toPattern, and stuffed with sintepon. The eyes and fingers are separately sewn and sewn to the main product, the pupils of felt or buttons, embroidered with a smile, enliven the pillow, and there will always be a cheerful mood in the children's room.

Interior knitting: larger and more fashionable

On request, "knitting needles for the house" on the pages of a lot of original design finds.
For interior knitting use knitting needles from 25Up to 35 sizes, there is no larger size, but if you wish, you can order giant tools from the master. Invented one more original technique, when instead of the spokes are used hands, the loops are simply tied from the left to the right hand and back.

Does not require any tools, only thick threads and knitting. The more loops to recruit on hand, the wider the result will be the future plaid or veil.
New ideas come from needlewomen, who create "clothes" for household utensils and interior items.

Simple stocking or fashionableBundles of vases and flowerpots are knitted. It is enough to pick up the threads to taste, measure the circumference and add 1cm to the stock. When knitting on large knitting needles, the number of loops is calculated from the calculation of 1 cm = 2 loops.
It is desirable to sew the finished canvas with a secret knitted seam, put it on a vase or a can, turning a simple object into a masterpiece of design art.

Knitting in the interior represents an individualStyle mistress. You can decorate the living room with expensive leather furniture, install a luxurious floor lamp, but only a pair of crocheted crochet or knitting needles will make the room really warm and cozy.

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