Knitting Step by Step openwork mittens on the needles

Knitting Step by Step openwork mittens on the needles


Go back to a time when things related to their own, had great value. Openwork
will fall by the way not only in winter, but also in the early spring.

Knitting openwork mittens

Working with the detailed description is provided for 7size. Abbreviations: For convenience of description, the following abbreviations are used: individuals. - Facial hinge PHI. - Purl, etc. -. Loop. For making a pair of fishnet mittens need:

  • 100 grams with a density of filament 50g / 125 m .;
  • knitting needles, which are represented by a set of five pieces, №3,5;
  • Extras for the removal of loops, where it will be finger.

left mitten
Initially openwork mittens recruited 48and evenly distributed loops (turns on hinges 12). Knitting closes the circle. Then for 35 rows (circles) is knitted mitten pattern gum. You can act at its own discretion and knit in different ways. Patterns gum completely different, here are two of the most common:

  • Method 1: Gum may be associated persons 1, PHI 1 .;.
  • Method 2: A second embodiment: two persons. and PHI 2.

Tip! For those who like a tight-fitting gloves can make the gum is slightly longer, 35 rows - it's not a prerequisite.
After the rubber band with your openwork mittensIt will be finished, it is necessary to proceed to the main part of the product. Hinges on the 1st and 2nd needles throughout the knitting provyazyvayutsya persons. embroidery, and at 3-1 and 4th - filigree ornament.
Possible patterns

  • ᴏ - nakida;
  • • - PHI. P;
  • □ - persons. P;
  • . / - 2 n are knitted together with a slope to the right;
  • -. 2 n carried out together with the slope to the left.

The patterns are repeated as long as the product is not the desired length. The result is a rear side with a beautiful ornament that can be selected independently.
At a height of 6-7 cm above the rubber band performedyou need to make a hole where your thumb is. It will be the third spoke. 3 p. Knitted persons. stitch, then 7 n. is removed and set aside. For further work is dialed new 7 n. 2 and the remaining loops provyazyvayutsya persons. embroidery. Knit until the end of the circle remains unchanged.

After opening remains necessarybehind, the work continues as before: 1 and 2 spoke - ornament in accordance with the schemes 3.4 - front embroidery. When the desired length of the product is achieved, you can start to perform accurate Mysik.
The first three rounds remain unchanged. This is followed by decrease to hold the spokes:

  • 1 st:. 1 n provyazyvaetsya persons. with a slope to the left, 2 n as one with a slope to the left, it will be necessary to perform the delicate ornament.;
  • 2 nd: the loops knitted by the pattern until 3 sts, then 2 sts together persons executed, 1 persons,...
  • 3rd fit as 1st and 4th - like 2nd.

Decrease, so will not be held until only 2 n. The remaining 8 p. Tightening the thread that is fixed from the inside.
Her right mitten knitting occurs in mirrorreflection to the previous one. The difference is that the pattern will be located on the spokes 3 and 4, a pin hole should be made on the second of the palm. To do this, 2 n. Provyazyvayut persons., 7 are removed on a supporting pin 7 n. Gain for labor, the remaining 3 provyazyvayut front embroidery.
To knit the thumb should be left 7 p. To enter into substantive work, dial 3 sts. On each side and 7 p. On the opposite side. Then they were separated by 4 workers spokes (turns 5 p.).
Knitting openwork mittens conducted public. P. Over 5 cm before the end of the work should begin decrease. For this purpose, each spoke first two loops are knitted together. Subtraction is performed in each subsequent row. Decrease repeated until 8 n. (2).
Loops that remained, pulled through the thread, which is fixed to the underside. Well, that's all, fishnet gloves ready.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that the use patterns on the mittens can be and in its sole discretion. The main thing that the report was not more than half dialed loops.

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