Knitting needles for obese women: clothing model (scheme)

Knitting needles for obese women: clothing model (scheme)


Obese women is difficult to find the right clothes. Create her own hands are always interesting. Accentuate particular figure of a woman, hide the shortcomings and emphasize the virtues of her help cardigans, vests and jackets, blouses and dresses associated with needles. Knitting needles for full ladies - the best option to show that a woman in the body can be attractive.

A few tips for choosing the yarn patterns and colors

Lush form is easy to imagine moreattractive way, to choose the right model and design clothes. Tight-fitting model and lay off to the side, choose the long, loose, without bulky hardware. The best choice - it is a model of classical cut.
The size of the "plus" demands of its ownersa more nuanced approach to the selection of yarn. The texture of the product depends on the thickness of yarn and knitting needles. The postpaid model, the visual will seem fuller figure. The best choice - it's smooth yarn, flexible, flowing. Small accent using the relief pattern can be made on the accessory - bag or scarf. Do not use the patch pockets and shoulder pads. They also added extra weight.
Knitting for obese women require a special approachto the color scheme. Rich dark colors visually make the figure more slender and high. Use warm colors worth less because they only emphasize and highlight the fullness of forms. The best option would be a combination of no more than three colors or color. Raznotsvete in one set pushes and spoils the overall impression.

The patterns in the mesh and openwork, require a special approach. They can create "hills" during processing by a figure. Extend form large motifs, geometric projections and strips horizontally.
Knitting needles for obese women fullyIt depends on the specific shape. Curvy women of medium height is best to link the extended skirt. But the selection of blouses scheme better pay attention to models with low waist. If you want to visually reduce the breast is best vyvyazat mysoobraznuyu neck or raised vertical patterns in the upper part of the blouse.

When choosing the length of the knit article, keep in mind thatits bottom should not be placed together with the broadest line of figures. The best way to avoid this - dovyazat the product, making it a little longer. Thus, you will win, visually stretching the figure.

There are models that are always advantageous to look at the lush forms. Sure, it
. When you select a scheme for knitting, give preference to models without creating an emphasis on the waist.

We select the style

Style knit dress is designed to conceal certain shortcomings, shifting gaze to more interesting places of the female figure.
Dress-box, as in the photo, smoothly and gently accentuate the curves of the figure, will make it more feminine and slender. Visibly slimmer silhouette makes the dress with a high waist.
Assign midi dress more difficult forbeginners handy people. But it will exceed all expectations. This style will help shift the focus from the surrounding imperfect feet. Try playing with flowers - smoothly flowing into each other saturated colors hide completeness. Play with color solution products - the scheme for knitting easy changes to the features of your figure.
Dress with Basques suitable for those who dofirst steps in knitting. Usually it is a fairly simple technique for the main fabric - satin stitch, sometimes with the addition of the small picture. This is necessary in order to move the emphasis on Basque. It, in turn, will hide the abdominal region with all its disadvantages.
Noticeably more slender figure makes the collar-collar associated with needles. For obese women, who are not thrilled with the shape of your hands, you can offer a dress or a blouse with sleeves "bat".

A dress or a skirt-type adornment year willwardrobe for women with full legs and wide hips. Choose the most simple scheme for knitting, if you make the first steps in the mastery of needles, because dresses this model are quite complex in execution.
The jacket and the jacket - the basis of the wardrobe Jackets and vestsperfectly conceal fullness. Knitting for obese women vest should start with the selection scheme. Undoubtedly, full woman would look great in the product elongated style. If the mistress inexperienced, do not choose the complicated schemes. Even a simple technique for knitting jacket can diversify by finding interesting colors, to focus on small details or accessories. To decorate the suit round button. Simply place it at the waist, bulging belly will not be so noticeable. To the silhouette did not seem even more overweight, we should not make too big armholes under the sleeves. The beauty of this dress is that it goes well with a skirt below the knee and trousers.

friform Technology - for bright and creative

friform technique is relatively young, however, itIt does not prevent it from being at the peak of popularity. Her feature - the absence of any rules and laws. The more bizarre and ornate pattern looks more mysterious owner of the garment. Undoubtedly, the creative seed technology friform help complete the ladies gather admiring glances.

When using the technique friform necessaryobserve a sense of proportion. Too bulky drawings visually increase the total figure. The most ideal solution for large models - combine different techniques. Make a bright spot in the upper chest, it will emphasize a beautiful chest. For example, the knit spokes usual embroidery blouse, use to decorate the cut - unusual patterns, as in the photo.
Knitting for the full technique requires friforma lot of experience from the masters. This style is similar to the technique of oblique knitting. In most cases the product will be assembled from separate elements of different color, shape and size. Knit them shall separately. This will require not only skill and patience, but also correct calculations and measurements of the figure. Before you begin to create a masterpiece, is to draw on all of the elements paper. From time to time, it is necessary to apply to the sketch of the related products. So you will understand how it corresponds to the scheme. The narrowing and expansion of lanes is due to use a scythe technology.

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