Arrogant clasp with own hands

Arrogant clasp with own hands

Non-nut clasps (carabiners) are much saferfamiliar to all American women. They allow you to connect the main line or cord with the bait without the use of knots, which greatly increases the strength of the whole tackle. For my fishing, they saved 10-15 jig-heads, a few wobblers and lures. Virtually all the hooks were pulled out by unbending the hooks, and the cord was used quite thin.

Main disadvantages

There are only two drawbacks to grating carbines: First Because of the absence of the weakened knot with hooks, the cord can tear anywhere, including near the spinning itself. Several successful cliffs and it will have to be changed. Fortunately, such cliffs are a very rare phenomenon, usually a rupture occurs near the fastener, since the cord is most worn out (spoiled by constant contact with the soil, shells, driftwood, etc.). The second To hook the buckle to the spinning bait or other tackle, you need to untwist the cord each time and braid it back. This procedure takes not so much time, but pretty annoying. Attaching an American woman or a metal leash with a carabiner to an indefensible clasp of a carabiner, we reduce the second defect to none. Non-nut clasp Areas of use Non-nut clasps are betterare suitable for catching carnivorous fish by spinning on artificial baits. And the more expensive the bait you use, the higher the need for these clasps. When catching peaceful fish on feeder and other rigs, grasping carbines can also be used if a too thick and strong cord is not used (it will be very difficult to tear off the tackle when hooked, and a large fish can break a rod with a sharp bite).

Manufacturing of self-supporting fasteners

In fishing shops, buckles are inexpensive,so saving by manufacturing them yourself does not make much sense. But to make products of exactly this size, what you need is worth it. in stores, the range is extremely limited. How to make buckles with your own hands, well shown in the video. It uses guitar strings, but you can use any other wire, the main thing is that it does not rust and has a high springiness.