It is known that every woman has to take care of her hair in everyday life, in connection with which, it is necessary to learn how to make yourself a beautiful daily hairstyle.

It is known that every woman has to take care of her hair in everyday life, in connection with which, it is necessary to learn how to make yourself a beautiful daily hairstyle.

Small tricks for women in creating a beautiful image for every day

Girls and women with long hair, eitherotherwise, you have to think every day about what haircut to do for work, to go to an educational institution or just what kind of styling is better for walking. In this case, do not forget that daily hairstyles even for long hair should not take much time, because standing at the mirror every morning for more than half an hour is unlikely to work out. In the next publication, we present to your attention a few practical and very simple ways to make hairstyles for long hair with your own hands, which any owner of a large head of hair can use to create a beautiful image for herself every day. Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №1 Carry out daily hairstyles to yourself onlong hair is subject to any fashionista, in many cases even to a little girl. Even simple tails can look very attractive if they are easily decorated with original accessories for hair, which in the modern market there is a huge amount. And to create her own hairstyles for long hair, our advice will help, as well as photo-instructions, which clearly shows what this or that hairdress looks like. As for daily hairstyles, they are mostly distinguished by simple, straightforward execution techniques. As a rule, these are natural laying without the use of any weave. Often to create them, you can leave your hair hanging loose, using only a bezel or a hairpin for your hair. Although, of course, if you want, you can always do something more complicated.

Beautiful hairstyles to herself using a French braid

If you work in the office every day, whereit is necessary to focus on the work, then, naturally, the hair should not in any case interfere with you. Nevertheless, the hairdress at the same time should not be too trivial, because every woman should be attractive at any time. Therefore, in order not to tie the usual tail, you can perform braiding on the basis of the French braid and arrange it in the form of a handle, braiding around with its circles around its base. To do this, wash your hair and, drying them not completely, comb directly on the forehead. Divide a part of the cover into three equal parts at the top of the head. If you want to complicate your hair a little, take the middle strand and stick out the braid from it in French, fastening it at the end with a small rubber band. The remaining strands, that is, part of the hair from the right and left side, gently gather on the occipital part and lift upward, taking shape in the shape of a shell. Fix hair with studs. Of course, in order for the piling you created to not fall apart along the way, it must be sprinkled with hairspray. Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo # 2 Simple ways of weaving of five strands onevery day to yourself Original everyday hair can be made with your own hands, using a weave of five strands. This completely simple method of plaiting braids will be able to diversify your image and make you simply irresistible. To perform such a braid, follow the following algorithm: - slightly moistened strands comb and scratch to the side of the neck; - Divide the upper part of the hair into five equal strands; - Separate the rightmost strand and arrange it so that it covers the next one (after that the lower strand will become extreme); - The average strand lies on the right strand, which was before this extreme; - the resulting central strand is placed on the neighboring left strand; - Now the leftmost strand is again separated and lies down next to it on the left; - continues the weaving, in the same way, again on the right side of the head, and so on to the ends of the hair. Naturally, such a wide braid should be fixed in the end with a beautiful rubber band, possibly with a hair clip. Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Picture №3 Classic beams to yourself If you havethere is absolutely no time to do the laying or any weaving, because even the most banal pigtail requires concentration while performing, then try to make an ordinary beam that is suitable for working conditions and for a hike, say, for shopping. To create a classic bundle, simply collect all the hair in the tail and tie it with an elastic band. Then wrap the hair around the gum and just clip it with the pins. In order to slightly diversify the ordinary beam, you can show a little imagination and tie it a little differently. To do this, divide the entire mass of hair by straight parting into two parts, starting from the forehead and ending at the very neck. Select some of the hair in the area of ​​the right bundle and twist it in the form of a rope, for example, clockwise. The rest of the hair on the right side, which hung freely, attach neatly to the harness. Then do the same on the left side. At the end, join the two formed locks into one bundle, wrapping it around the base with your own hair. Pay attention to the following images, in which we present examples of the design of simple and simultaneously original beams. Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №4 Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №5 Tails - as a variant of the fastest hairstyle onevery day and for the holiday itself At all times, the easiest way to arrange long hair in the proper form was an ordinary tail. But let's think about how you can make this design more modern and original. Moreover, today in the trend the so-called horse tails. This kind of tail on long hair is made from the entire mop, usually on the crown. The tail can be tied with a small elastic band, and then, having selected a not too thick strand from it, wrap it around the base of the tail so that you get an elastic band from your own hair. The end of this lock is fixed not very noticeable invisibility. Thus, you will get a stylish modern styling, which is suitable not only for daily work, but also for social events and even holidays. The following photos will help you in creating a wide variety of tails for different occasions. Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №6 Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №7 Everyday hairstyles for themselves. Photo №8