Krupenichka - several ways to create an amulet for the house / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

Krupenichka - several ways to create an amulet for the house / Toys with their own hands, patterns, video, MK

According to the traditions of the Slavic peoples, in eachthe house must have a rag doll filled with some kind of cereal - it was a guardian of prosperity and wealth in the family. There were two kinds of dolls - Krupenichka, which was filled with buckwheat, and Zernovushka, which could be filled with rice, oats or pearl barley. There was also a male variant of a cereal doll - the Bogach. It should be borne in mind that no master class does not imply the design of a face doll - Slavs traditionally have developed that all ceremonial dolls become faceless. krupenichka-1Each cereal has its own meaning, so buckwheatcarries into the house satiety and wealth, oats - strength, pearl - satiety. Rice was considered the most expensive grain, and promised wealth to the house. The charm can be made and using several groats at once, sometimes a coin is placed on the bottom of the bag. When sowing, the first handful of grain was taken from this bag. After harvesting the doll was filled with grains from a new crop.

Master class for creating dolls

It is very easy to make such a doll. There are so many different ways to create it, everyone can pick up a master class for themselves. List of required materials:

  • a piece of canvas fabric measuring 20x20 cm;
  • about a glass of cereals;
  • a strip of lace - about 20 cm;
  • fabric for top shirt;
  • Dense fabric for showering (width - 7 cm);
  • knitwear for an earpiece;
  • kerchief;
  • apron.

All materials should be selected according to your taste. Ideas about what some elements may be, can come to mind directly as the Krupenichka is created. Very interesting will look apron, embroidered with his hands. This master class means the creation of traditional Krupenichki. First of all, it is necessary to sew a sack from the cut of linen cloth and fill it with any of the groats. Do not regret the rump - the doll should be packed as tightly as possible. The upper part of it can be tied up or sewn - so the front side will look neater. When filling the doll, remember that it should be stable - the bottom should be flat and wide. The next step is to put a shirt on the doll. To do this, a piece of lace is applied to the bag, the main thing is that the shirt covers the lower part of the craft (Figure 5). The upper shirt is a piece of colored fabric that is worn over the bottom so that its edges do not close in the front part by 2.5 to 3 centimeters and at the top overlap the edge of the second shirt to the floor of the centimeter. The next step is to make a ponvoynik for Krupenichka. This can be any suitable piece of jersey. It is desirable that it is as tight as possible to the head of the doll. Zypun (shower) can be made from a dense fabric, because it is considered the outer clothing. In length, it should be much larger than the doll, since it will be necessary to leave strips on the edges for the sleeves. To put the zipun on the guard is necessary in such a way that the resulting twisted sleeves are at the level of the shoulders, in the outer part and are located higher than the edge of the upper shirt by 2 cm. With the help of a long thread, you must tie the shower with a hand-made article. Similarly, the apron is tied. He dresses on the doll in such a way that the edges of the shirt are visible at the top and bottom of the craft. Also, it is necessary to spread the apron carefully along the width and height. The last stage of the work, which implies this master class, is dressing for the wards of the kerchief. He tied himself to the doll in such a way that not only his head was rewound, but his neck as well - so it looks most natural.

Krupenichka from the nose

The most simple master class on creating cerealsdolls - to make a slice of a sock. To create it you need to use a minimum of materials. So, as the basis is quite suitable light tight sock. It is desirable that its structure is as tight as possible and grains do not wake up through the holes. krupenichka-15List of materials:

  • sock;
  • cereals;
  • a cut of white cloth;
  • A bright fabric for a skirt and scarf.

Croups are poured into the toes, after whichcarefully tied. With the help of a thread, the doll should be bandaged in such a way that the head and trunk are visually separated. The next step is to choose a cut of white cloth the size of the amulet itself. It should be folded twice in a diagonal. At the corners of the segment, you should tie knots - so you can make the handles of the future craft. You should cover the stuffed toe with a piece of cloth and rewind with a white ribbon around the head. From a bright piece of cloth should make a skirt, which is tied to the trunk of the doll under your hands. The final stage - tying the kerchief. It is also desirable to make it from a bright dense fabric. The handkerchief is tied to the head of the doll and tied crosswise under her hands. As you can see, this master class is so simple that a child can cope with work.

Ornate Groats

Since in the olden days in each house there wascereal doll, then there were many ways to create them. Each family had its own traditions, its own characteristics and the secrets of making dolls. The next master class will tell you how to make a smart, festive doll. krupenichka-16List of required materials:

  • rectangular piece of flax 12x17 cm;
  • circle of flax d = 6 cm;
  • a piece of colored fabric 20x7 cm;
  • 2 pieces of white fabric 9x9 cm;
  • 2 pieces of white fabric 5x5 cm;
  • beads of red color;
  • bright cloth for a scarf.

Linen rectangle should be sewn neatly inside and sew a circle to it that will serve as the bottom. The save, the creation of which describes the master class, is very stable - since it has a full bottom. The resulting cover is turned inside out and filled with croup. The filled bag should be sewn in the upper part in a circle. A dirty thread should wrap the resulting torso, marking the neck / waist. The dress is tied with the same thread to the body - a cut of colored fabric. Very organically looks dress in peas. In order to not be able to see the threads, you should put the cloth to the pouch face inward. It should begin just below the neck and completely cover the head. In the neck area, the fabric is bandaged with a dense thread, after which the fabric should be lowered. The hands are very simple to make. For this, it is necessary to fold two pieces of 5x5 cm cloth and tie them with fabric rectangles of a larger size - get a hand with a palm. Both handles should be attached to the body of the guard at the sides and tied with a dense thread. Similarly, the apron is attached to the doll. Sticking pieces of cloth from the hands can be hidden under the kerchief. To make the doll look more elegant, you can put on it various decorations - from the girdle to the bright beads. Also, Krupenichka can be decorated with earrings made of coins - dukachami. To create a belt of belts, there is no need for a separate master class - in order to do it, you have to twist two strands - white and red. - As you can see, you can create your own amulet very quickly and easily, which will bring prosperity and happiness to the house. It is not necessary to buy expensive materials for it - everything necessary and so is in every house.