Lace in the Interior: how to use a lace pattern for home decor (32 photos)

Lace in the Interior: how to use a lace pattern for home decor (32 photos)

Lace has long been used not only fordecorating clothes, but also for decorating the home. Handicrafts demonstrated the taste and skill of the hostess and created their own unique atmosphere of each house. And now, when manually woven lace can be found quite rarely, interior decoration with lace has not lost its relevance. krugevo001Lace doily for table decoration Styling under lace in the decor of the bathroom interior photoLace styling in the decor of the kitchen interiorphoto With the advent of mass production technologies, openwork weaving became more accessible, and it became possible to implement new design ideas. It would never occur to anyone to cut expensive handmade lace, stick it to furniture, or use it as stencils. Using modern lace woven on a machine is not unique in itself; you can create extraordinary and exclusive interior items. But in our time there are craftswomen who weave real lace, making the interior so cozy and elegant. Content

    Lace Home Textiles

    krugevo004Lace tablecloths will help to give the interior a cozy look krugevo003The tablecloth decorated with lace details will revivestrict interior Usually, lace is used as table textile. Lace tablecloths look luxurious. They give the room a festivity, but do not make it heavier, but rather make it transparent and airy. Lacy napkins are equally good both as an addition to a tablecloth, and solo. To the tablecloth you can pick up and chair covers. krugevo006Lacy bedspread will transform the room krugevo005Lacy napkin on a dark tablecloth will becometable decoration In the last century, almost every house had lace napkins for vases. They not only decorated the house, but also protected fashionable polished furniture from scratches. And now in the interiors you can often find napkins trimmed with lace. In the middle of the last century, televisions appeared in many homes. They were very protected, and often covered from dust, the envious eyes of neighbors and just so as not to spoil the appearance of the room (then the TVs in the interior looked alien), with lace covers. Lace panels on the bedroom wall krugevo008Bedspread and pillow for the bedroom, stitched from lace krugevo017Bedspread from black lace of large weaving inthe interior of the bedroom with white walls. Lace is traditionally used in the interior of the bedroom. Since ancient times, girls before marriage weaved openwork valor for themselves. Lacy pillows and bedspreads give the room a delicately romantic or exquisitely luxurious look. krugevo011Lacy pillows for the living room krugevo010Lace pillows - interior decoration By the way, pillows decorated with lace will be appropriate in the living room. krugevo014A short lace curtain will create home coziness in the room krugevo012Lace in the interior will hide from prying eyesAlso often lace is used to decorate the window. Light enters the room almost unhindered through openwork curtains, and at the same time it is reliably hidden from prying eyes. krugevo015Lace carpet is the highlight of the interior An interesting solution for the interior is a large-lace lace carpet.

    Decoration of furniture with lace

    krugevo018Lacy decoration for the kitchen shelf. Laces are also used for decorating furniture. This is a variety of wraps and stripes for upholstered furniture, and decorations for shelves and cabinets. krugevo016A table in lace decor You can beautifullyto decorate a regular coffee table by pasting its tabletop with thin lace and putting glass on top. Lace can be used as a stencil, applying layers of paint through it. In this technique, you can update any piece of furniture. krugevo019White lace screen krugevo032Black lace gives mysteriousness to the interior. They look very stylish in the interior of the screen made of thick lace.

    Lacy interior items

    krugevo021Vase in lace krugevo020Using lace to decorate itemsInterior With the help of lace, you can give an elegant look to a wide variety of things. Unremarkable glass vases can be turned into works of art by decorating them with lace. Tall glasses and even simple glass bottles and jars are also suitable for this purpose. krugevo022Watch Lace krugevo023Another lace dial You can decorate the watch dial with lace. krugevo013Bedroom decorated with lace panel and rug“Under the lace” Lace panels look great. You can hang lace paintings by inserting them into frames, or vice versa, make lace frames for paintings and photographs. krugeva225Lace shades make the light from the lamp very soft krugevo025Lacy ceiling on the background of a brick wall looksvery stylish From lace you can make lampshades on a chandelier, floor lamp, or table lamp. Here you are with your own hands. Such a lampshade will make the lighting very soft and pleasant to the eyes, and the room is very cozy. krugevo027Lace frame for storing jewelry - cute anddesired accessory With the help of a frame and lace fabric, you can make comfortable and stylish stands for storing jewelry. It will look great in the interior decorated with a lace photo album or diary.

    Imitation of lace in the interior

    krugevo028Ceramic panel with lace pattern krugevo029Cupboard with lace ornament - delicate and unusualImitation of lace is widely used for decoration and decoration of premises. Wallpaper with lace patterns suitable for any room. Even ceramic tiles with lace patterns are produced.

    White, black and color lace in the interior

    White lace is still considered a special chic,along with it, black lace is also used in modern interiors, which also looks very stylish, especially on a white background. Black lace makes the room unusual and mysterious. Use it to design a luxurious room in the Gothic style. Vintage lace, ecru, has firmly entered into fashion, as if slightly yellowed from time to time. Colored lace, both bright and pastel colors, is also widely used in interior design, allowing you to change the room beyond recognition. Black lace vases for little thingsBlack lace vases for little things Decor lace glass vases photoDecor lace glass vases photo krugevo033Bright lace creates a sunny mood even in the simplest interior White lace napkins for wall decorWhite lace napkins for wall decor Do you like this article? Share on social networks!