Ladybug of paper, charts, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ladybug of paper, charts, video / Toys with own hands, patterns, video, MK

Ladybugs always attract the attention of children andadults. Regardless of how old we are, we are equally keenly counting black spots on the beetle's back, and then we are trying to "send it to fly to heaven." No less interest, especially among lovers of domestic crafts - large and small, will cause a ladybug of paper. Moreover, if modular origami will be created by the whole family. Work is available for everyone: the scheme will become a "work" for the pope, the mother will cut out the trunk and black balls, the task for the children will be the union of all the parts into one whole. The bug begins with the trunk To make the modular origami will be needed

  • several sheets of colored corrugated paper,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive pencil,
  • markers,
  • double sided tape.

ladybug of paperOne of the interesting options may be GodA cow, sitting on a leaf of grass. Make it pretty simple. To begin with, a scheme is created - from a sheet of paper a circle is cut out (the size of a future ladybug) and legs (similar to a six-pointed snowflake). Then take a red sheet of corrugated paper, bend in half, and then - diagonally. After that, the sheet straightens, but the contours of the folds should remain. On them the sheet again very gently bends - already inside, to make a triangle. A circle is drawn on the triangle (in two places it should extend beyond the sheet). Next, using a pair of scissors, the circle is cut out, but it must be done so that the places where the circle extends beyond the corrugated paper are not damaged. The ladybird travinka ladybug of paperNow a black sheet of paper is taken, from whichscheme cut out the legs, and behind them - black dots and head. Circles for future eyes are cut from a white sheet of paper. The handicraft is almost ready. It remains only to glue all together. And another - to take a pair of scissors and a sheet of green paper for a blade of grass. You should get a narrow long strip ending with a triangle at the end. To make it larger, it is better to bend it in half. Now - everything: the ladybird can be fixed on the grass. Although some prefer and natural environment for the beetle - crafts can be interesting to decorate the pot with house colors. The European version ladybug of paper And this option, with which you can domodular origami, has long been popular with moms in European countries. The first thing from a large sheet of red paper is to cut out a square. Then bend it diagonally - so that the triangle is formed. This triangle, in turn, also bend, and then unbend it back (the result is a triangle with a trace from the fold). Two "ears" of the triangle are bent downward - in appearance, the hack will look like a paper hat with ears. Next, you will have to bend the very top of the triangle, and then bend part of this corner back to get an accordion. After this, the cow is almost ready - it just needs to turn over to the other side and draw on it black balls. The option for the youngest There is another way to make a paper beetle. It is as simple as possible and great for connecting very young children to work. From the sheet of corrugated red paper, you need to cut two circles. Each of them bend twice. For a while, put them aside, and take a sheet of black paper. From it, cut a few small dots for the dots and one circle for the head of the cow. ladybug of paperUsing an adhesive pencil, black circlesstick to the prepared red halves. To entrust this simple operation it is possible to the child, let he will draw eyes and a smile on a "muzzle" of the beetle. Two halves of red bent circles can be glued together. The handicraft is waiting for the final touches: it remains to glue the "muzzle" and two-sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the cow-bone, so that you can fix it in the chosen place. For example, on the window, because beetles are very fond of sunny places. ladybug of paperBy the way, Norwegians are sure thatinstalled on the window modular origami in the form of a red beetle can help a person find a companion of life, and, according to the French, the made ladybug with her own hand can protect young children in their future life from various misfortunes.