Sheep embroidery cross pattern and master class (photo)

Sheep embroidery cross pattern and master class (photo)


Today many beginner needlewomenPrefer to embroider sheep, which are a symbol of 2015. It is the picture-scheme that will help the girls to embroider such a beautiful animal. For beginner needlewomen below is a simple scheme for embroidering lamb, thanks to which you can just make the perfect wrong side.

Materials for work

To embark on embroidery, prepare the following materials:

  • The circuit must be printed on a color printer;
  • Strands of mulina blue, yellow, light and dark gray shades. White, pink and red threads are also required;
  • scissors;
  • Needle for embroidery;
  • Canvas of white color.

Tips for embroidering a lamb

The circuit should be printed exclusively on a color printer so as not to get confused with colors and shades during embroidery.
The work begins with the embroidery of the yellow ball. All stitches should lie in one direction.
Also take care of the broaches of the thread, which should not be directed horizontally.
Start to work is in the direction from the bottom to the top and from right to left.

Description of work

Embroidery of lamb begins with fixing the thread. To do this, you must enter the needle from the front. Select the right bottom corner of one square to bring the needle out of the upper right. The end of the working thread must always remain on the front side of the canvas.

The cross is stitched with the help of the bottom stitches.

Next, the second row is sewn, but only to the end of the first row of embroidered crosses. Finished thread goes down to the first row of work.

The first row of embroidery cross is created in several receptions. First, make the bottom stitches on the left side. When the semicircles are ready - you can go back and do the upper stitches.
Next, you need to go up to the second row and finish the remaining half-squares.

The next stage is embroidery of the third row. It is worthwhile to take care of leaving the two crosses on the left side. The lower stitches are sewn on the third row with a cross from the left to the right. But the work must be completed not to the end, that is, it is not necessary to sew the last stitch of the series. Embroider the end of the ball and go down for it down three squares.

For cross-stitching, you need to make two crosses to the right and close them.

If you look at the wrong side, then itWill have the form of vertical dashes and broaches. It is worth noting that when a sheep is embroidered, it is necessary not to allow broaches for three crosses, since the reverse side in this case will not look very attractive.

Next, climb and start embroidery from the bottomStitches of the fourth row. At the same time, the last stitch on the right side is not finished. The diagram clearly shows that the third row was unfinished, and there were two crosses unprepared. That is why during embroidery you need to embroider the bottom stitches and all the crosses in the fourth row.

The next step is to embroider the two remaining crosses in the third row.

By this principle, a picture-sheep is embroidered,Which will be an excellent gift option for any holiday. It is worth noting that in order to make the stitches on the wrong side to be exceptionally vertical, each time during the lifting of the working thread to the next row, leave a small cross not embroidered. They can be finished when the thread is lowered from the sewn bottom stitch on the top row.

Embroidered with a cross of a sheep will be a pleasant gift for a small child or a talisman for the whole family.

Schemes of embroidery of sheep