Lamb embroidered with a cross (pattern)

Lamb embroidered with a cross (pattern)


Embroidery with a cross does not lose its position amongNeedlewomen. This is not surprising, since embroidering in the technique of the cross is a very fascinating process that will help to pass unnoticed time, and in the end you will get a product comparable to a work of art. Such embroidery can not only decorate or complement your interior, but also present it as a gift to your relatives or friends.
Masters are fond of embroidering variousImage, there was no exception to the embroidery of animals. This list includes schemes of domestic animals, or rather amusing lambs. In this lesson we suggest that you consider the patterns for embroidering such an animal as a lamb. In the work you will need a minimum set of threads of a mulina, as the involved colors will be very small. And most importantly, even beginners can join the work.

We embroider a lamb with a cross

We offer you an overview of a wonderful set in technologyCross "Golden Sheep". Before you start the workflow, note that the lamb is not large in scale. This image is suitable for decorating children's clothes and bedding, as well as towels. Embroidery is better done on a white canvas.
Fix the fabric in the frame to you nothingDid not interfere, and embroidery was as convenient as possible. The embroidery frame will greatly simplify the working process, and the stitches will be even and neat. The working sector is located in the perimeter of 10 by 13 centimeters. It all depends on the scale of the cells on the canvas. Lamb is made in the technique of complete sewing. To select the main elements of the drawing, use the "manual stitch" seam, which is very easy to make in comparison with a cross.
Gradually and slowly carry out the embroidery of allElements of the circuit. Only in this case you will not get confused. Since for experienced masters this set is considered very simple, it is the gradual embroidering of all sectors in the shades of the mulina, which will help a beginner to cope with such work unerringly.

The sheep are embroidered with a cross from the trunk. Prepare floss filaments in advance, which are described in the key to the diagram. The main thing is not to make mistakes during the calculation of cells. From this, all your further activity will depend. After the trunk, go to the design of the muzzle, namely the eye, spout, cilia. Then go on filling the whole central part of the picture with a cross. In this part of the image it is very difficult to be mistaken, as the work becomes mechanical, that is, you simply embroider it for your own pleasure. At the very end, you should embroider a lamb. Embroidery in the technique of the cross is almost complete, you can only supplement the image with a seam.
Another scheme depicts a whole family of lambs. Such a sweet picture should hang only in the child's room of the baby. A little lamb stands beside his parents.

Another type of image lambIs a series of schemes with the main character of the cartoon "Baranchik Sean", beloved by many children. This funny character will cheer everyone up. In one picture you can embroider several such lambs at once with a cross, only in different interpretations. We suggest you to choose pictures for rabbit work embroidery cross.

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