Sheep from beads: different ways to create your own hands (diagram)

Sheep from beads: different ways to create your own hands (diagram)


A sweet miniature bead from beads can be a great gift for a person close to you or a friend.
Especially relevant such a cute souvenir will be this year!

Embroider bead lamb

Beading helps us to create manyAmazing and incredibly beautiful things, for example, such as: trees, flowers, ornaments and, of course, flat and three-dimensional figures of various animals. Today our master class will tell you how to embroider a pretty sheep from beads.
It's not very easy to embroider a sheep on a fabricInteresting, so let's try to complicate the task a little and make an original brooch out of it. Before starting to work we will need to prepare everything necessary:

  • the cloth;
  • Skin;
  • Special fastener;
  • Beads of hematite (cubic);
  • Czech beads №10 (black, milky and translucent white covered with mother of pearl.

Having adjusted to the working mode and having prepared the necessary materials, we can start our master class:
First we will have to sketch out a sketch of the future brooch or copy it and enlarge it to the desired size:

Then we will have to transfer this pattern to a piece of cloth.
After that we will need to embroider the contour of the muzzle with milk beads. For this we need this scheme:

Scheme 1With the help of black beads we will have to embroider a nose and eyes.
Then mixing white and milk beads, we will need to dilate them with the muzzle of our sheep.
Next, using a light bead, we need to expand the body of the lamb. For this we need the following scheme:

Scheme 2Ushko sheep will replace 7 dairy beads in the form of a loop.
After we finish work on the trunk and head, we need to cut off the unnecessary tissue.
Then we need to apply the embroidery to the skin, circle and cut.
Having finished with this, we can make a buckle. For this we will need to sew it over the edge from the wrong side.
Measuring on the wrong side of the desired length, we will have to cut out two holes and opening the pin to pull the skin.
After that we can close the pin, bend the skin and glue it.
Next, using the scheme number 3, we need to perform a finishing series with white beads on the body and milk - on the muzzle.

Scheme 3 This scheme is useful to us to embroider legs and tail of hematite beads:

Scheme 4After you finish the work you will get this pretty little brooch:

In addition, embroidered lambs can decorate pillows, children's clothes, bags or cases for phones.

Weaving of bulk lamb from beads according to scheme

Such a weaving for beginners at first glance may seem rather complicated. However, if you carefully study the scheme, you will understand that everything is not as scary as you might think at the beginning:

In this photo you see a scheme of weaving one half. And in order to create a voluminous lamb you will need two such parts.
Before starting to learn the master class, we advise you to prepare in advance all the necessary tools and materials in order to not be distracted in the future:

  • Sharp manicure scissors;
  • Cotton wool, which is usually stuffed with toys;
  • Fishing line (0,12 - 0,17 mm);
  • 2 large black beads for the peephole;
  • 2 beads of red for nostrils;
  • 14 yellow beads for the horns;
  • 16 black beads for hooves;
  • White beads for the body.

We will start our master class with a "tail".
First we need to weave a single chain consisting of three crosses. This is how the scheme of its weaving looks:

Then you will have to cross the tips of the line in bead number 13 and start the execution of a new row:

When you begin to weave the hoof, note that it is made of black beads.
Also, 97 beads on the chart are highlighted in black, as it replaces the eye.
107 beads on the scheme, unfortunately, not highlighted in red, but in fact it should be like that.
We'll be using the crosses to make the lamb, and we need to start the work with 94 beads. First we will braid the chest, and then connect the hoof, as shown in the diagram:

When you start to braid your head and get to 107Beads, you will need to pass through it the right tip of the line and, threading the white and red beads around the left tip, cross both ends of the working "thread" in the bead of red color.
After you finish the weaving of the second half of our figure you will need to braid her too. But at the same time you will have to connect the single chains together.
As we do the weaving, do not forget to fill the toy with cotton.
At the end of the work you will have to make yellow horns and attach them to 99 and 95 beads.
After you twist the lamb with your own hands, you can admire it:

From such a wonderful toy created by own hands, you can make a convenient keychain. In addition, it can decorate some other work of beads, for example, a tree on a stand.

Large voluminous sheep with their own hands

There is another way of weaving a beautiful voluminous sheep. Perhaps, for beginners it will seem too complicated, but believe this is only the first impression.

So, before starting a master class, let's prepare everything that we might need for work:

  • Sintepon or special filler for soft toys;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • paper;
  • needle;
  • thread;
  • Cotton white fabric;
  • Bead beige, white and black colors (it's best to use Czech beads No. 10 for work).

We start the master class.
First you will have to draw a pattern andCut it out of paper. After that you will need to attach it to the fabric and cut it. As a result, you will get 2 details for the head and the same for the trunk.

Then we begin to sew the trunk. There, where a pen is drawn on one strip, you will just have to sew details, and where there are 2 strips - you will need to sew the first part to the second one.
. Do not forget to leave a small hole and, having turned out the fabric, fill the torso with sintepon. The hole is best left on the vertex, because then an ugly seam can be hidden under the fur.

Now you will have to mark with the pencil the contours of hooves and feet.
Then you will have to embroider the belly and legs with beads.

After that you can make fur. First you will need to sew 1 bead, then weave the villi from 3 beads and hold a needle through 2 and 1 bead.
Notice that we alternate the series: One is made of villi, and the next one turns out to be smooth. Thanks to this, our sheep made with our own hands will get pretty thick and at the same time curly hair.

Next, we will need to make a head for our toy, from which we then make a pretty keychain. To do this, we need a sewn workpiece with the ears, eyes and mouth marked on it.
It is most convenient to begin to cover the head from the ears, and then in a spiral to rise from the bottom up. The main thing do not forget to sew eyes-beads.
At the very end you will need to make a long and very thick fur of beads on the vertex. If on the trunk we have a little "worn out" fur, then here it will be on the contrary "continuous".

At this stage, beadwork can be considered completely completed, and we can begin to stitch the details of the original decoration onto the key chain.
In order to tightly connect the details of the toy you will need to hold the thread not through beads, but under them.
It turns out that you will thread not only through beads, but also through cloth.

At the end of the work you will only have to drawBlack lacquer pupils on the eyes and attach a chain, which will hold you a key chain. After that you can give your loved ones a wonderful souvenir made by yourself:

In order to learn how to weave beautiful lambs you can also view the video lessons at the end of this article.
Having looked at the photos of the finished works, you will see that it is possible not only to attach the lamb to the key chain, but also to decorate it with a New Year's fur-tree, a handbag or a brooch:

A beautiful sheep from beads, created by you canBecome an excellent decoration for a festive table or a memorable souvenir. It will help you to keep in memory the pleasant moments and more than once will cause a smile on your face.

Video: Variants of creating sheep from beads