Lamp with your hands from cameras and slides

Lamp with your hands from cameras and slides

If you are a professional photographer or simplytake a great interest in photography, if you are thinking about what to give to a friend-photographer, if you have a few old unwanted cameras and a dozen forgotten slides, if the interior is badly lacking a desk lamp, then this master class is how to make a lamp with your own hands - for you !! a lamp with your hands from cameras and slides To make a photo - a lamp with your own hands, you will need:

  • three old non-working cameras that do not mind being used as a lamp leg;
  • lamp, the details of which can be used to create a new lamp;
  • superglue or cold welding;
  • color slides or negatives;
  • cardboard frames for slides;
  • hole puncher;
  • metal ring-connectors;
  • frame lampshade or metal ring.

desktop photo lamp yourselfThe first thing to do is to connect the threecameras to each other. You can glue them together with superglue, but there is a more reliable way. Cold welding is just designed for a durable, reliable and hermetic connection of parts made of metal, glass, concrete, stone, plastic, etc. Clean from dust, degrease and sandpaper the joints between the cameras. Then prepare the mixture according to the instructions attached to the cold welding. Apply to the surface of the camera. cold welding for welding camerasPull the camera harness and leave for 15-20 minutes or for the time specified in the instructions to the product. three cameras for the lamp leg The leg of the old lamp with a power cord, switch, chuck and all the necessary stuffing with the same cold welding, connect with three cameras. camera lamp Now, take up the plafond. In our case, this frame was made by a frame from an old lampshade. Select the colored slides or negatives in the cardboard frames. Use a small punch to make holes in the corners of the slides. Then connect the connectors all the slides in one sheet. a shade of a slide from the slidesAttach the finished slide sheet to the metal frame. Lampshade for photo-lamp from old slides It remains to purchase an energy-saving lamp at and screw it into the plafond, flip the switch and enjoy the creative light of the new night lamp! DIY table lamp from cameras and slides