Lariat original beaded jewelry with their hands (video)

Lariat original beaded jewelry with their hands (video)


Weave lariat - bright colorful decorations, it requires perseverance, not only from the beginning. No matter how experienced was not a master, it will have to spend a lot of time making lariat.
Lariat bead must be:

  • long enough;
  • flexible and relatively mild;
  • one thickness;
  • decorated in the same style;
  • Decorated around the edges.

Classic lariat has from 60 to 120 cmlength, but the same technique is often lagging and short neck harnesses. In the photo they look very bright and not always clearly intertwined they hook or by using one of the methods of bead weaving.
Lariat schemes fall into patterns and technology. In the first case, the diagram depicted sequence creating a drawing just as colored squares, in the second case - indicated sequence vpletaniya beads. Often, when using the circuit of the second type of color combination of beads determines the master himself. If he has sufficient experience in beading and high artistic taste, it can get quite artsy drawing. Usually this creates a Lariat class with geometric designs.

Knitting lariat beaded crochet

We invite you to begin to train andpoprovat tie a short rope that can later be used as a basis for your future first lariat, because action scheme is not changed, only need to increase the length of your product.
On thin thread strung beads inthe sequence shown in the photo or according to the scheme used. This thread should be flexible, easy to knit, and the color appropriate to the beads. Good manufacturing lariat class implies that the thread will not be seen at all, however, even the best master is not immune from mistakes and better if they are not too obvious.
Vyvyazyvayut crochet circle of stitches,close series. In the second row we start a hook into the loop of the previous row, push up to the bead to bead knitting and provyazyvaem together in a loop. Each next row is knitted by a bead in the loop of the previous row. This bead of the previous row turns and becomes a hole up.

This master knits bundles quickly andquality, but it is necessary to get the hand. Class lariat not dependent on it drags with the closing of each row or in a spiral. Even in the photo will not be much difference. If the picture is rather complicated, it is best to close each number polustolbikom without nakida, because there is a spiral twisting and shift pattern, and many figures on this shift and are based.

When knitting crochet lariat length of its largelyIt depends on how high class manufacturer when working with beads, because you need an incredible amount of stringing beads that requires particularly careful handling of thread.

Beaded lariat

This class is created by bead lariatsewing or weaving. The beads are strung on a thread directly in the process of weaving and are put on top of the loop created. Such beads unfolds once during sewing. This compares favorably to weave crochet:

  • there is no need to string a long working thread;
  • less likely to stray from the pattern of the circuit;
  • easier to deploy a bead in the right direction.

If you need to add the thread, you can simplyattach a new thread to the tip of the old, and you can leave a pretty long ends by hiding them in tow. Tie the ends of the netting near the best, closer to the bead. It will not allow the beads move and stretch the product. Sam is necessary to form a knot on the underside of the fabric.
At the beginning and end of the netting, consider themethod to strengthen all. It can be specialized tips, large beads, chipped stones, prepared or formed parts of decorative pendants. If it is a rather short bundles in the neck - the pins are fixed directly in the process of working weaving thread between the beads that provides a secure fit for future fasteners. The pins are attached loops and sharp ends are twisted after the end of the work.

Master class on mosaic weaving lariat

For pleteteniya lariat use the following scheme:

For the most need to harness thread or monofilament,You can use a soft twine, then even in the photo is not visible to the foundation weave. Previously you should consider how you plan to sew, fasten, attach the ends and decorative elements. To do this, pick up the pins, needles, pins, rings, seals, beads, caps and all that needs to decorate the edges lariat.

Strung on a thread 7 beads. Pass the needle in the first bead, closing the ring. In the next row we put on the bead and go through the bead of the previous row by one. Total in the second row put on 3 beads. After that, we put on one bead and in turn is passed to the bead of the previous row, put on one loose, and so 3 times. We get a circle of seven beads. The next set of weave similar to the second and so on until we reach the desired length of the harness.

Mounting and decoration of the edges is carried out afterlariat closure weave throughout the length, but in the form of the base pins and hinges are mounted in the weave, without changing the circuit. If the number of beads is large enough, lariat turns empty and holds its shape, which is especially often happens at the beginning, the beads fall through the inward and outward bulge.

This lariat is almost impossible to tiea beautiful decorative knot. To keep in shape harness its weave so wide, so that the beads themselves held the necessary rigidity. For greater thickness can be a tight braid or cord used as a reason not to thread and twine.

It is with particular attention to the fatharnesses. Often crochet for more than 10 beads in one row, lariat loses its flexibility. This indicates that the thread is tightened too tight. This is not seen in thin bundles, because they stiffness is defined by the beads.

Video: How to tying lariat

Ready Lariat can embroider on the surfaceas a whole, and on the edges of the relief elements When sewing monofilament. The ends of the plaits decorated with much brighter and more varied than the main part to sound heavier and bulky, and lariat on their background will look thinner and neater.

Videos: Purl tow-lariat with his own hands