Lavender Beaded training in photo and video lessons

Lavender Beaded training in photo and video lessons


A gift made with their own hands, bearspiece heat of its author, and why it is so valuable and enjoyable. Beading - an excellent assistant in creation of handmade gifts. Touching, delicate bouquet of lavender, made of beads, reminiscent of the hot summer by the sea, will certainly please people close to you. Make a pleasant surprise to his mother to help this small but detailed master class with photos and video examples, which describes the basic weave pattern.

Materials and tools

To produce a bouquet of lavender, you will need:

  • blue, lilac or pink beads for flowers;
  • Green Leaf;
  • thin wire for weaving;
  • thick stalk;
  • green floral tape;
  • pots with alabaster for the installation of the finished work.

Options lavender weaving

Inflorescence lavender There are different schemes create lavender. Here we look at the most simple.

Begin braiding followed with inflorescences. To do this, it is necessary to dial the wire 10 beads and twisted wire ends, make a loop. After that, at each end of the wire need to tighten further two loops, picking up on the same number of beads. On one brush lavender need 6 of these inflorescences. For bouquet need at least 15 colors. In the production of inflorescences can use beads of different colors that give lavender greater naturalness. color transitions will create the impression of a living flower. For precise selection of colors, you can refer to the photo of this lavender.
Finished with buds, cut the thick wirelength of 45 cm. To the top of the piece of wire neatly fasten first inflorescence and direct loops upward. They must rise above the wire, hiding its end. Stepping back from the first inflorescence centimeter, fasten the second. Since fixed five inflorescences, and only the 6th attached below two centimeters.

Scourge leaves graduating from the formation of the brush should do the leaves. It is very simple and will not cause difficulties.

Leaf as in this flower to belots of. Their length varies between 2 and 6.5 cm. For single sheet length dialed beads on the wire two times greater than the length of the future sheet. After the twisted loop is the same as during the weaving of inflorescences. Nearby is the same loop. The leaves are slightly compressed laterally. In the upper part of the stem leaves shorter will be located, and at the bottom - the original.
Hooking the leaves should be at their discretion as you feel beautiful. Then you need to decorate the wire floral tape (it can be replaced by green thread, preferably floss).
After finishing the assembly of all the branches of lavender,We set it in beautiful pots and fill alabaster. This should be done quickly, as the plaster hardens quickly. When the mass hardens, it should be painted in a dark color and decorate interesting pebbles, moss, any beautiful elements to your taste.
The second method of weaving lavender There is also alavender manufacturing method. Given that the beading is very exciting experience, you may want to do, and another bunch of slightly different way. Lavender Beaded with this design will look more fluffy and thorough. For its production will require all of the same materials.
We start our master class with the manufacture of a flowerlavender. For a very long wire strung a lot of beads, and then begin to twist it. Four of the first loop will be the tip of flower and should be done out of 7 beads. Twisting loops, it is important to leave one end of the wire length of at least 10 cm, or when fixing any problems. By making the tip, do the remaining loops of 9 beads. The more loops, the more beautiful will turn lavender beads. When done by a chain of loops, we begin to wind tightly on their left and the 10-inch tail wire. At the top of the flower island, and extends to the bottom.

Leaves lavender executed in the artParallel weaving (it can be found with the help of video lessons if necessary). For a sprig of lavender, there should be at least five. Tat should be adhering to the scheme:

  • 1 p - 1 b (1 1ryad bead);
  • 2 p - 2 b;
  • 3-11 pp - 3 b;
  • 12 p - 2 b;
  • 13 p - 1 b.

Each leaf must remain 4-inch tail to fix the wire.
After finishing all the required weaving, startCollect branch. To do this, take the length of thick wire length okolo20 cm and carefully fasten him a flower and leaves. After decorate the stem floral tape or thread. As it looks, you can see a selection of photographs presented in this article, and then decide what to hide under the wire.

The resulting bouquet, as well as the previous one, put in a pot. At the same time, our master class is over. We hope it will be useful to you.
There are other schemes for weaving lavender, but they are not as spectacular and simple.
Lavender Bead is the perfect gift to bring a lot of positive emotions and a very decorate the interior of any room.

Video: Master-class on the creation of lavender beaded