Learn how to decorate the house with an original autumn bouquet created by yourself.

Learn how to decorate the house with an original autumn bouquet created by yourself.

Autumn decorative wreath with your own hands - the bestdecoration for the house, which does not require much time and money. All that can be needed are the tools and gifts of nature - materials that can be found in the garden, in the yard, in the park or while walking through the forest. To create this masterpiece you do not need to go shopping in search of various attributes. You need only a little imagination and your house will shine with new colors. With what you can make a wreath

  • Colorful leaves of different sizes
  • Twigs and twigs
  • Fruits, vegetables, fruits of trees and shrubs
  • Dried flowers

The photo shows some variants of such compositions. Autumn wreath with your hands. Photo №1 In some cases, the use ofadditional materials such as toothpicks, adhesive tape, glue, wire, thread, cardboard, foam and so on. Important. A truly beautiful wreath of leaves will only be if it is made multilayered, bulky. Also, you should use leaves of different sizes and colors. Autumn gives us a riot of colors, which helps to create balance in our soul and to give joy. How to make an autumn wreath quickly For a start, you need to make a solid skeleton. It can be, twisted together, twigs. If they can not be weaved, you can use glue and glue several branches together, and then connect the two ends with a thin wire so that the ring turns out. So, as shown in the photo. Autumn wreath with your hands. Photo # 2 The frame can also be cardboard orpolystyrene, covered with cloth. Then we fix the leaves. If you want to make a more colorful option, you can top chestnuts, acorns, fruit or additional accessories, such as bows or beads. Step-by-step instruction of the wreath from the leaves (one of the manufacturing variants) Step 1. We prepare the skeleton. It looks like this: a circle of the necessary size, the width of the walls is about 3 - 5 cm. It is not difficult to make yourself or you can buy it in flower shops. To the finished frame it is necessary to attach the wire, so that later it is possible to hang such a wreath. Step 2. Then take the pre-prepared tape and wrap it around the frame. Step 3. After the frame is ready, glue the leaves. First attach larger leaves (overlap), then small with a small gap between them. To make the product more attractive, use sheets of different shapes and colors (autumn is generous for paints, so you can not find colorful copies). The result will be such a wonderful product that will serve as a decoration for your home. The rules to be followed when creating your masterpiece:

  • All individual parts must be securely attached, otherwise the wreath may crumble.
  • Ideally, if possible, first consolidate the individual elements, and then just attach everything to the base.
  • In order for the composition to remain in its original form, as long as possible, try to dry all materials in advance. Only you can not overdry, otherwise in the process of work they will just crumble.

You can come up with your own version of the composition, which will please you and your family.