Learn how to quickly and qualitatively make a beautiful and soft toy heart with your own hands.

Learn how to quickly and qualitatively make a beautiful and soft toy heart with your own hands.

Soft toys do not lose popularity and to this day, on the contrary - are becoming more popular. You can make a soft toy with your own hands. We make an exclusive toy - the heart. How to make a soft toy with your own heart. Photo №1 For this we need:

  • matter,
  • thread,
  • needles,
  • glue,
  • a pen,
  • sintepon.

Let's get to work First we take the cardboard and cut out the right size of the heart Taking the carved heart from the cardboard, we applyit to the fabric from which the toy will be produced. The size of the tissue should be equal to two hearts attached to the tissue. Next, we take hearts from the cardboard and outline them by attaching them to the tissue, and then we cut out two identical hearts from the same tissue. Now, you need to take a needle and thread,preferably in a color different from the material from which the heart will be made. Sew on the rim and at the end leave about 5 cm of unshared distance. This distance will be required to further insert the synthon into the interior of the heart. But to sew these two pieces of tissue, that is, two halves of the heart, it is necessary, attaching them face-to-face with each other, in order that after the stitching of the heart, turn it inside out and the seam remain inside and remain invisible. We fill the heart with a sintepon. Now, when the heart of the soft toy is densely filled with the synthepone, there remains a small segment through which we stuffed the sintepon. It must be sewn. We do this by means of a "hidden seam". Heart is ready! Such a heart can be made from different colors of fabric and absolutely different materials that can be stitched. It is also possible to embroider on it the pattern or name of a loved one. Very often such a heart is honored to have eyes. Eyes can be made from buttons, any size and shape, the color of the button can be decorated with your own hand, painting it with a felt-tip pen. Just take and glue such "eyes" for our heart. In addition, you can add to the heart of the legs, ears, or even using this scheme to "bring to light" any animal. You can experiment as widely as you can make this unlimited imagination. You can also use artificial fur of red color or scarlet fluffy fabric. Valentine's Day or New Year, anyanother holiday will be shrouded in a pleasant atmosphere with such wonderful toys that everyone can do himself, with their own hands, with a little effort and patience. Such a toy will bring joy and good emotions not only to your children, but to your loved one or someone close to you. And most importantly - when creating such a toy, you put your soul into it, which is very important.