Learn how to create crafts for children from kinder eggs with their own hands right now. Go to

Learn how to create crafts for children from kinder eggs with their own hands right now. Go to

Spoiling from time to time his childkinder-surprises, one day one may encounter a problem: many eggs have accumulated from this delicacy. Therefore, we often notice yellow saltcellars of familiar form on picnics or in trains, and a medallion from this egg stuffed with garlic flaunts above the baby bed or even on the neck. However, using all your imagination and putting a little effort on, from boring boxes you can make very funny hand-made articles and have fun together with the baby. The child will be delighted! Interesting hand-made articles from kinder eggs with their own hands. Photo №1 All you need is:

  • ribbons,
  • beads,
  • glue,
  • thread,
  • hook,
  • sequins,
  • wrappers from sweets,
  • fishing line or wire,
  • colored paper,
  • scraps.

We make a hole from one endeggs, insert the future tail of fringe or ribbons, from inside we tie a knot. Then we glue the egg with braid, and when the glue dries, we begin to decorate our fish: from the beads make eyes, a nose, a mouth. Our fish is ready! Chick In one of the halves of the egg we make holes forlegs and insert a wire or a thick fishing line into it, from inside fix it with a knot; On the ends of the legs we attach paws (these can be large sequins). On the sides of the workpiece we make elongated holes, we insert into them the wings cut from the candy shape; they can be decorated with colored paper or pasted over with fuzz. From above glue a bow or just a chub from a thread, with beads make eyes, a nose, a beak. Here's the chicken ready! Cactus Means the use of clay. To fasten 2-3 eggs in different directions and to attach needles-prickles. You can complicate the task, and try to arrange a whole farm of animals, placing it on a green lawn of colored paper. In itself, the shape and color of the eggs will prompt you to think of an interesting one: if you split the halves, attach a leg of plasticine, you will get funny mushrooms; And, if you glue several boxes side by side to each other - here's an interesting box for every little thing. You will spend unforgettable moments together while you make these toys, and later playing them! Bright cheerful caterpillar Armed with crochet and threads, we tie several eggs, first putting in each bead, buttons or croup. Then we fasten the individual parts one by one, and to the last we attach eyes, mouth and horns. If you do not know how to knit, you can wrap each egg in colorful scraps, fixing on one side with a needle and thread.